7 tips for buying cheaper airline tickets (Google doesn't want you to know)
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7 tips for buying cheaper airline tickets (Google doesn't want you to know)

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In this article you will learn how to buy cheaper airline tickets.


It seems that Google doesn't want anyone to know about these tips, which is why it develops a wide variety of applications for all kinds of needs. One of them is Google Flights, a special search engine for air travel lovers. And with the best Google Flights tricks, you can make reservations, track flights, find the best deals, and more.

To search for flights, Google Flights is highly recommended, and comes with other aspects, such as additional information about each flight, with which you will have the whole puzzle to decide what is best for you to take and on what date. But with all this data, how do you find the cheapest flights? Which is best for me?


Don't worry, in this new Android Help entry, we're going to review what these 7 best tricks are so that your trip isn't a nightmare, but a total satisfaction. And we hope that after using this app with our tips, your user experience will increase significantly.

7 tricks to find cheap flights on Google Flights

There are just 7 tips, 7 tricks that will allow you to find cheap flights on Google Flights. Of course we don't perform miracles, but if you apply them, depending on the context in which you need your trip, you will be sure to save hundreds of reais.

tip 1

It's the first of the tips. When still don't have a clear destination, Google Flights shows you the best deals on the map , so you can choose more precisely the place you would like to visit at the best price. Therefore, do not specify specific arrival locations and let the search engine offer you the best alternatives.

You can also rely on the filters to choose the option that suits you best. And the same thing happens with dates and places. If you don't have a specific departure date, you can choose flexible dates ; This way, the Google Flights algorithm will provide the dates with the lowest prices.

tip 2

You can also use the change dates randomly to take advantage of the best deals . To do this, change your round-trip itineraries. In many cases, an extra day of stay can mean a total reduction in the price of the flight. With the filters, you can even choose the price that best fits your budget, and Google Flights shows you the best round-trip deals.

Furthermore, if on these random dates you notice that your flights could be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, great! According to Google, on these days you will also find a much greater price reduction, with up to 2% less than on other days of the week.

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Tip 3

Wow, it's kind of tedious to have to travel to a destination stopping at various points along the way and maybe even changing planes. But you know one thing? If you want to save on your flight itinerary, stopovers are your best allies .

Medium or long-distance non-stop flights are quoted at up to 25% more expensive than a similar one, but with a stopover included. So, let go of that fear of making stopovers, as they will be the ones that will leave more money in your pocket.

Compare the available price history and hire everything at the time of purchase – Tip 4

Google Flights lets you review and compare prices. Furthermore, you will be able to review the history of your evolution and receive email alerts to see if your modifications have become cheaper or increased for a specific date. You can even set the search engine to alert you when a price drops on any date.

A curious fact: according to Google Flights, the cheapest flights are on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and not on weekends, as we usually think. What's more, this recommendation can cost between 12 and 20% less.

Likewise, it is convenient that, when searching in the history, if you are going to buy a flight, hire everything, bags and seats at the same time. Seats and the availability of hand luggage are always cheaper when booking the flight and not later. If you book and add these charges, you will likely overpay on your final bill.

Don't book on the search engine, but on the airline's website – Tip 5

Google Flights is a search engine that will make your life easier when looking for flights to your next destination. And to do this, it will show offers on various websites, including booking pages like Decolar or Rumbo. As a recommendation from this point, do not make reservations on these sites!

And it is that the prices, as they promise, are never the most adjusted or their advantages are not the most justified. So when booking, use the airline's website and of course your browser will redirect you to it with just one click on the booking options.

Use Incognito Mode and VPN – Tip 6

An astute tip. When you use the browser in normal mode, airlines and their websites verify your information and preferences through cookies . In other words, with this resource they will know what you are looking for and it is even possible for them to increase or modify prices towards the destination you want to go.

And this is also supported by the same search engine. Browsing in incognito mode without being logged into the search engine is much better because you will not be contributing or facilitating the tracking of information about your searches or preferences to airlines or Google itself.

VPNs or virtual private networks are also your allies in this search for the perfect flight and you must have one installed. These networks change the country of origin of the search and so you can take advantage of offers that will not appear if you search with servers in your country.

An example would be searching for a Spain – Oviedo flight. If you do it locally (i.e. from Spain), it will be much more expensive than if you do it with a VPN and change the country of origin to Latin America or other regions in Europe.

Book in advance – Tip 7

Finally, in this text of tips or tricks for finding cheap flights on Google Flights, users have shown that the best way to book cheaply is to do it in advance, both for short or medium-haul flights and for long-distance flights.

If you travel regionally, that is, on the same continent, it will be convenient for you to book between 2 or 3 months, so that you can take advantage of seasonal offers or discounts. However, if you are going on a longer trip, something like a visit to America or Asia, it is best to book about 6 months before your flight.