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Brazil Aid: how to get ADDITIONAL R$ 300

A new proposal was released for an additional R$ 300 for program users Brazil Aid, former Bolsa Família, of the Executive Power. The goal is for the values to happen for 12 months. If approved, the bill would allow citizens to receive monthly balances of up to R$ 900.


But, even in the event of approval, it is important to point out that the additional amount would not go to all of the more than 19 million users of Auxílio Brasil. It is a pact that was made by the candidate for the government of Pernambuco, Miguel Coelho (União Brasil). According to the politician, the project was detailed during an interview for a radio station in his state.

“We are going to create a social program that can guarantee R$ 300 per month for all families that are currently in social programs, unifying and helping Pernambuco in this moment of greater vulnerability”

“But we don't want these families to be dependent on it (the aid). We are going to promote courses and demand that beneficiaries participate so that they can earn one, two, three minimum wages, open a business. In short, we want people to have dignity and a future.”

Currently, Brazil Aid issues payments the whole month for a minimum amount of R$ 600 per family. Of course, some people may receive a little more after adding up the so-called internal benefits. Any state or municipality in the country can create an extra balance system on its own on the social benefit.


Although, we must only consider the case of the promise, citizens could receive a monthly amount of R$ 900 (speaking of Pernambuco's proposal). But, this could only happen if the Executive Power's Brazil Aid was maintained exactly at R$ 600, and this is still not confirmed.

In addition, the indication of the PEC of Benefits is that the boosted payments of the Federal Government's social program could only last until the end of this year, 2022. By this logic, from 2023, the social project would return to the level of R$ 400, to avoid exceeding the so-called “spending cap”.

There is an alternative to the Brazil Aid

Fortunately, this is not the only proposal that exists. Other candidates are pledging further aid in this year's elections. Even politicians who used to disagree with transfers to the poorest now say they will pay the amounts.

From a national point of view, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has been saying that he will maintain the value of the Auxílio Brasil at R$ 600 for 2023. As for Ciro Gomes, he intends to unite several social programs and create a single minimum income program called Eduardo Suplicy, from R$ 1000.

Any citizen who is more concerned with the issue of social aid can consult the candidates' proposals for this area through the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). That's where the proposals are registered, for each candidate.