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Auxílio Brasil: released schedule for the release of payroll loans

Brazil Aid

Do you already know about the possibility of receiving Auxílio Brasil? This is the salary loan for the beneficiaries. Firstly, Auxílio Brasil is an achievement created in 2022. The program replaced the old Bolsa Família and also replaced the emergency aid offered in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.


As such, the loan option recently announced by the federal government is an opportunity for certain people. So it turns out that no specific date has been announced yet. This confused recipients as to how exactly the loan works. However, new information is available for consultation on payslip release deadlines.



PIS/PASEP 2022/2023 calendar and payment CONFIRMED

PIS/PASEP: NEW EMERGENCY value of more than R$ 1 thousand is released

Consigned Brazil Aid Calendar

Since the last few weeks, upon the announcement of the possibility, several people have shown interest. The loan will work through the direct payroll mode. That is, the amounts of the installments will be deducted directly from the monthly payment of the benefit, for contractors. Therefore, all those who receive the benefit will be able to apply. In addition, the maximum loan amount can reach up to R$100 thousand. In addition, the value may be available directly in the user's account.

So the big question today is about release dates. According to the Minister of Citizenship, Ricardo Bento, the possibility of hiring will be available soon. Ricardo explained that the estimate is that the numbers will be released in September. In view of the information, it will also be possible to apply for the loan soon so that the amounts, when available, are immediately forwarded to the contractors.

How to apply?

First of all, it must be said that before making the final hiring decision, there are some precautions to be taken. Several economists warned beneficiaries of possible over-indebtedness. This is because the loan installments can compromise the value of the benefit and put the person in a complicated situation. Therefore, it is recommended to apply for the loan only for investments and/or house payments.

However, if you are still contracting payroll, you can request it in a very simple way. Options and instructions are available on the Auxílio Brasil app ( Proof of income and other data are not necessary, as the system already has all your information. After all, it is necessary to know the terms and conditions of hiring so that an undesirable situation does not occur.