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Free app to sing with autotune

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Not everyone is born with the gift or ability to have a prodigious voice that can be used to sing. It's a hobby that anyone can access, but few master. For those of us who sing professionally in the shower, we have an app that helps us camouflage these deficiencies in the vocal cords and it's called Voloco.


A tool that offers us a multitude of options to record and edit songs with our own voice. Not only that, but it also helps us create a pretty decent piece of music thanks to autotune, no matter how badly we sing. All this from your cell phone, without the need for additional devices or music studios.

Voloco: Vocal Studio – Apps on Google Play


Voloco: what is it

Voloco is an application for singing with real-time voice processing, which applies a multitude of interesting and high-quality stereo vocal effects to our voice. It combines auto tuning and tuning, key shifting, vocoder harmony, and voice encoding, with other effects such as reverbs, EQs, and compression. In short, a large number of effects and possibilities to give wings to our musical creativity, even if we are not musicians.

We can sing, rap or reggaeton with or without background music, or just make funny recordings and then save or share our creations in video and audio. When we choose to sing along with a musical track, Voloco's internal algorithms automatically determine the tone of the melody and try to correct our voice, adapting it to the music.

As well as being able to import music tracks to sing them, the app includes a series of rhythms, the so-called “Voloco Rhythms” , which give us free and quick access to a wide variety of rhythmic bases with which to sing.

As limitations, Voloco presents some. Yes or yes, it has to be used with headphones, in fact, as soon as the app is opened, the screen reader is heard through the cell phone's headphones and we can't hear it properly. Of course, it's preferable to use those that have a cable, as bluetooth tends to have some delay and we won't be able to synchronize our voice well with the music tracks. In addition, the recording itself has numerous distortions and interference, so we must take care of the environment in which we record.

How to start recording on Voloco

To start recording, you must perform the following steps:

  1. The first thing is to select the vocal effect and other parameters like equalization or reverb that we want to apply to our voice. If we want, we can even import a song that we want to sing along.
  2. Now we rehearse a little what we are going to do. For this, it is essential to have the “Vocal Monitor” activated. In "mix ”, we can adjust the volume of our voice and the background music track until we find the right level.
  3. Well, once we have rehearsed our performance enough, we press the “start recording”. If we select a background music, we will listen to it immediately or sing it 'a cappella'.
  4. When you stop, it starts playing automatically. If we're not too convinced with the selected effect and reverb, or any other parameter, even the volume of the backing track, we can modify all of that on this screen and listen to the changes.
  5. If we are already satisfied with our musical creation, we press the “Next” button.
  6. In the new screen that opens, under “ edit title ”, we can give our interpretation a name. We can also share it as audio or video on different social networks or save it in storage.

Voloco is available at play store