R$ 100 per week? Site gives extra income to Brazilians
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R$ 100 per week? Website gives extra income to Brazilians

extra income

Need extra income?


Do you intend to start generating income with your cell phone? Have you ever heard of money making apps? Something very common nowadays is the creation and development of all kinds of apps. According to Yeeply, Apple has over a million apps and Google Play has over 800,000. There are the classic social networks, mobile games, apps for watching movies and much more. There are even people who saw apps as a source of income.

Surely at some point you thought of different methods to keep generating income. In this case, a very good alternative is to download mobile apps to earn money. Be careful though! Not all are reliable!


In today's article, we are going to present you with a list of the best apps to earn money from anywhere. You will be able to find applications to generate money of all kinds, whether filling out surveys, testing applications or performing different activities, all safe and reliable. You have no excuse not to try one of these wonderful apps.


Remotasks is a platform accessible to users from different countries who are looking to perform virtual tasks at home. In fact, the purpose of this app to earn money is to provide the results information to companies that develop artificial intelligence. And the best? Without moving to another place!

You just need to be over 18 years old, have access to the Internet and dedicate yourself a lot to each task that Remotasks leaves you.

Without a doubt, one of the great apps to work and earn money from home, in which you can find tasks such as: tagging images, moderating content, identifying spam, transcribing audio files, among other small tasks.

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How does Remotask work?

If you want to monetize Remotasks, you must take into account the following elements:

  • Language: it is necessary to have an intermediate level of English, as the platform and tests are in this language.
  • Exams: Before starting homework, you should take some exams for each specific subject. The more exams you pass, the more tasks you can offer. Of course, the limit of attempts to pass the exams is 3 times.
  • Tasks:  There are two types of tasks: classic tasks (text, image, videos) and LIDAR tasks (3D tasks). The latter require equipment that supports 3D images.
  • Payment method: you you will receive between 1 and 3 dollars per hour, which you can collect through your PayPal or AirTM account. 
  • Remostaks University: is a 10-day training program that will help you improve your task accuracy. Remember that the more tasks completed correctly, the more remuneration will fit your pocket.
  • Supervisor: You can become a Remotetasks Supervisor as long as your accuracy percentage is greater than 90%. Of course, you will generate more income if you reach this level in one of the best money making apps.

2. Clickworker: extra income

This is another money making app which is very famous all over the world. It was founded in 2005 by the company Clickworker GmbH and has more than 1,800,000 registered users.

Unlike Remotasks, Clickworker has assignments in English, German and some in Spanish . Therefore, if you do not master English very well, this application to earn extra money will be very useful.

As always, you must be over 18 to apply. Among the tasks that stand out in Clickworker are: perform searches, watch videos, categorize and rate music, categorize photos, among other miscellaneous tasks.

How does ClickWorker work?

To start using this app and earn money from home, you must take into account the following aspects:

  • Record: When signing up for this money making app, you have to choose the languages you speak, your academic skills and hobbies. As similar as a resume!
  • Exams: Before doing your homework, you must pass basic assessments and then slightly more complicated exams.
  • Tasks: Tasks in this income generating app are varied. You should always be aware of new releases.
  • UHRS Platform: This platform is linked to Clickworker and offers better remuneration. Therefore, you must have a good level of English to pass the exams. If you have problems with your registration, you can try to sign in with Microsoft Edge.
  • Indication system: you can earn 5 euros by referring a friend. Clickworker will give you the money when your guest earns 10 euros by doing tasks.
  • Payment method: the app will pay by PayPal. To do this, remember that the minimum amount you must have is 5 euros and your Paypal account must be verified.
  • Support platform: some netizens point out that Clickworker has a good support team for any queries or inconveniences. In short, a good app to earn money without spending a lot of time.

➤ Learn more on the Clickworker website

3. Karma App: Extra Income

Did you know that there is an app to earn money by showing off your gamer skills? Well, App Karma makes it possible.

A big plus point is that there are no geographic area restrictions, meaning anyone around the world can use this app to earn money from home.

Also, earning easy money allows you to earn karma points , which you can redeem through PayPal or for some gift cards at companies like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, among others.

The first time you log into the Karma App, there will be some additional points that you can get right away based on a few factors such as:

  • Daily activity bonus (+5 points)
  • View tutorials (+50 points)
  • Verify your email (+50 points)
  • “Like” on Facebook (+50 points)
  • Watch tutorials (+50 points)
  • Promotional code entry (+300 points)

How does App Karma work?

In order for you to understand how App Karma works, we briefly describe some elements that you should take into account:

  • Download platforms: App Karma is a money making app available on iOS and Android. It's completely free.
  • video games:  If you want to earn money playing video games, you need to reach a certain level to get Karma points. Show your player talent!
  • Reference systems: when people you invite sign up for App Karma through your link, you will earn 30% from all referral earnings.
  • VIP account: If you have a YouTube channel with 1000+ subscribers and are interested in promoting App Karma, you can apply to become a VIP and earn 30% to 40% on your referral earnings. It's so simple, you can become the next ambassador for this app to earn money from home.
  • Payment method: By completing tasks in this app to earn money, you can redeem it on PayPal or through gift cards from various companies.

➤ Download the Karma app  on android

➤  Download the Karma app  on iOS