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App to change face in video

Are you one of those people who loves installing quirky apps on their mobile phone? Then our post about apps to change face in video will be very useful for you.


There are times when we don't know what to do with our smartphones, and that's when boredom sets in.

However, the Android app store is full of cool apps that will make you have fun and even have fun with your friends. Apps to modify your face in a video are extremely fun to use, and the best part is that many of them offer a wide variety of filters so you can choose what kind of modification to do on your face.


However, the list of options is extensive, so we bring you the best apps for you to modify your face in a fun way.

Best video face changer apps

First, there's FaceFancy. It's an app with the ability to change your face and add more age, change your gender, and even paint portraits.

You will have the option to swap your face both in a photo and in a video, and you can also add an animation style to your face if you wish. You can choose from a wide list of features to add to your face for the most amazing results.

If you want to know how old you will be in the future, with FaceFancy this will be a possibility.

face magic

FaceMagic is an excellent tool for  change face in a video. Not only will you be able to modify your face in a video, but you'll also have the possibility to choose among your favorite photographs to change the aspects you want.

By editing your face in a video, you can put your face over a famous person like Justin Bieber and many other artists. Also, you can modify your friends' faces by selecting from the available categories.

Imagine the possibility of superimposing your face on that of a famous musician or actor and see yourself as if you were them. After editing, you can save the results on your mobile  and share them with whoever you want  through applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook. 


With Add Face to Video you'll be able to add your best photos to the funniest videos on the web. One of the best aspects of this app  is that your video catalog is  Constantly updated so you don't have to edit your face in the same videos all the time.

Likewise, the app offers a section  of the day's trends and the most popular videos of the week, where you can choose from a wide variety of options. As with FaceMagic, you can  save your edits  or send them directly to your friends or family via social media so they can see what you've made.


CambiaCaras is a very interesting application when it comes to  change the face of a video. You just have to choose between your video files or your photos until you get the file you want to edit.

You can choose which aspects of your face to change, and SwapFace offers an extensive list of options to choose from. you can even include animations in your videos,  even putting a mouth on yours that says things to you.

In addition to that, you can change  the original proportions of the photo or video,  in order to elongate the face or make it rounder.

Face Lab

Face Lab is the perfect app for anyone who wants to experiment and  see a possible image of what old age would be like. You can choose your personal style to alter your face, and if you want to play around with your image more, you can change your gender and add longer hair or more delicate features.

On the other hand, if you are one of the people who wants to see yourself in an animated style, FaceLab is the app to achieve this. Also, you can start filming your face and add filters according to what you find funny.


Do you want to be the protagonist of a music video? With Music Video Creator you can do this in a few minutes. You just need to record a video of your face and you can start add awesome effects to your future music video.

As if that weren't enough, you can choose  different models with interesting designs  until you find the one that catches your eye the most. And if you don't want to look the same, you can also choose to edit your face and add a 3D anime filter.

The list of anime filters  is extensive, then you can spend several minutes choosing the right one. Furthermore,  you can superimpose your face  in one of the templates available in the app to create something unique.