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Learn Everything About PIS/PASEP

Here we will teach you how to receive payments, find out the balance and see the dates of your PIS/PASEP

Learn everything necessary to receive your PIS/PASEP balance, choose the option that best suits you:

Check PIS/PASEP Balance

Check out the step-by-step guide to check your PIS/PASEP balance, completely online and free of charge:

Check the Calendar to Receive PIS/PASEP

The PIS/PASEP Calendar has already been defined by the federal government, check the dates by clicking the button below:

What is PIS/PASEP?

PIS and PASEP are like special “piggy banks” of the Brazilian government. They were created to help workers in some situations:

PIS: It is for those who work in private companies. Think of it as savings that the government makes for these workers.

PASEP: It's the same thing, but for people who work in government, like teachers or police officers.

Each year, companies and the government put a little money into these “piggy banks” for each worker. If you work, part of the money that the company or government pays goes there. After a while, you can receive extra money from this “piggy bank”, called salary bonus, but only if you worked at least one month a year and have been in the program for five years.

So, PIS/PASEP is like extra help from the government for workers, saving a little money for them every year.

If you have any questions about PIS/PASEP, click the button below and we will explain everything to you in a complete article 🙂



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