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Banco Inter: the best option for those who like practicality

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Do you know all the features that Banco Inter is capable of providing you? The time has come to learn in depth about everything you enjoy as an Inter customer.


If you are the type of client who likes all your financial transactions in one place, it's time to get to know Inter. A versatile and authentic bank, which has been gaining more and more space in the market and generating a community of loyal customers, who do not give up on its features.

Understand how Banco Inter can positively impact your financial life and bring you unique benefits. Your wait for a complete bank has finally come to an end, because when you get to know Banco Inter you can enjoy all the good things and the best that a bank is capable of offering you.


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Banco Inter features

Concentrating your financial transactions on a bank that gives you full support and makes all options available to you is essential to move your financial life forward and give you faster access to different possibilities. Banco Inter is full of advantages for you.


Before becoming an Inter customer, see some of the advantages of having your account and card with one of the most modern banks today. Centralize your financial operations and increase your credit possibilities in the finance market. Get ready to see the advantages that Banco Inter can provide you.


Banco Inter

Have the best financial products available to you 24 hours a day without bureaucracy or complications.

You will remain on the same site

100$% transactions monitored

Seeking to bring control and security to you, Banco Inter monitors all movements in your account. Have more security when leaving your money at Banco Inter and know that any suspicious movement will be notified to you, in order to better protect your money.


Furthermore, all expenses made on your credit card are also recorded and you are notified in real time, because if you do not recognize the transaction, simply report it to the specialized team who will resolve and cancel the transaction.

Credit inside and outside the country

When traveling anywhere in Brazil and the world you can be worry-free, as your card and your Inter account will work normally. The Inter account is designed to be used inside and outside Brazil, allowing greater mobility for customers who travel constantly.


Travel carefree and use your card whenever you want, whether in credit or debit mode. Count on Banco Inter's assistance even if you are outside Brazil, and further enhance your experience with the bank that allows great mobility for all its customers.

Shopping with discount and cashback

Banco Inter has an integrated shopping mall that offers exclusive discounts to all customers, giving the right to cashback and discount coupons that make your purchase much cheaper. When shopping at Inter shopping mall, you can enjoy unique discounts and even have the possibility of receiving cashback.


You can find Shopping Inter within the bank's own app, and the mall sells a little bit of everything. You can find technology items for your home, construction and much more. Explore the possibilities within the Inter shopping mall to the fullest and start shopping today.

Lower fees and higher limits

By centralizing your financial transactions at Banco Inter you will have the lowest rates on the market when it comes to any transaction you will make within the bank. Withdrawals, transfers and issuance of invoices have a minimum fee for you to enjoy as much as possible.


Also know that Inter provides you with the highest credit limits within the category, allowing you to explore the maximum possible capacity of your score, and by paying on time you have even more chances of having your credit limit increased, further boosting your Inter card.

Explore the financial options that Banco Inter offers.

A bank full of possibilities

Only those who are already Banco Inter customers know the possibilities that the Bank is capable of providing. Take advantage of the lowest rates on the market, highest limits and also count on specialized support to answer your questions, regardless of what they may be. Count on the Inter team.


To request the opening of your account, simply access the official website using the button located at the beginning of the page and you will be redirected to the official Intr bank request page. A bank rich in features awaits you, what is your answer?

Common questions:

Banco Inter is a Brazilian financial institution, known for being a digital bank. Founded in 1994, it offers a range of banking services, including current accounts, credit cards, investments, loans and insurance, all accessible via mobile app and the internet.

Banco Inter offers a series of benefits, including the absence of fees for maintaining a current account, transfers between Inter accounts, unlimited TEDs, a credit card with no annual fee, investments with competitive rates, among others. Furthermore, as it is a digital bank, customers have access to services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere with internet access.

Opening an account at Banco Inter is a simple process and can be done completely online through the bank's application or website. Just download the app, fill out the registration form with personal information, send the necessary documents and wait for approval. Banco Inter does not require proof of income to open a current account.

Banco Inter offers a variety of investment options, including CDBs (Bank Deposit Certificates), LCIs (Real Estate Credit Letters), LCAs (Agribusiness Credit Letters), Treasury Direct, Investment Funds, among others. Customers have access to these investments through the bank's platform, where they can compare the available options and choose those that best suit their needs and financial objectives.

Yes, Banco Inter is regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil and offers the same security standards as traditional banks. Furthermore, transactions carried out through the Banco Inter application are protected by end-to-end encryption, ensuring the security of customer information. Banco Inter also offers additional security features, such as two-step authentication, to further protect customer accounts.

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