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C6 Bank: the best financial products available to you

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A highlight in the category for those who like uncomplicated banks is C6 Bank, which presents easy-to-manage financial products.


When we talk about banks that offer credit cards and loans in an uncomplicated way, C6 Bank is certainly one of the highlights in the category. Offering credit cards with high limits, uncomplicated loans and quality service, you will see how easy it is to count on a friendly bank.

C6 Bank stands out in the category for offering fast and easy transactions for its customers, quick responses to requests and, above all, greater control over your transactions within the application, providing you with much more security and monitoring your finances closely.


Advantages of C6 Bank

Listing the advantages offered by C6 Bank can be a challenge, as the benefits are countless, most of which you will only be able to observe in practice. The C6 Bak brings incredible features for those who want to monitor their financial movements closely and have even more security.

Have in the palm of your hand an application full of features and fast, capable of serving you instantly, allowing you to access your information whenever you feel necessary. With the C6 Bank team you receive quick service to resolve your doubts whenever you need.

Furthermore, you will be counting on a credit card that offers high credit limits within your analysis, capable of meeting all your needs and with better payment and installment options, if necessary. See the other advantages of being a customer of C6 Bank's financial products below.

Accumulate points

Regardless of whether you are using your credit or debit card, you will accumulate points that can be exchanged for cash or cashbacks later. The more you use your cards, the more points you accumulate and their cash value increases, which can be used at the C6 shopping mall, to pay your bill or even to buy whatever you want.

Atom points are available for consultation at any time in your account and you can see how many points you earned in each transaction with your cards. Additionally, you can subscribe to points programs that increase your balances according to each transaction you make.

High limits

When it comes to credit or loans, C6's priority is to understand your needs and provide you with limits that meet your expectations and, above all, give you the purchasing power you need. C6 works with a thorough analysis when providing credit to its customers.

It is important that you have your information up to date in order to provide maximum information to the bank, which will be able to analyze your information more comprehensively and will certainly provide the highest limits within the analysis of your score and your CPF.

Transactions in the palm of your hand

Everything within your C6 Bank app can be resolved with your cell phone. Have complete control of your financial life in the palm of your hand at any time of your day, without having to go to a branch or physical location to receive guidance or answer your questions. 

If you need to explain a situation in more detail or ask more specific questions, C6 has a 0800 number for general assistance, which offers service during business hours every day. The 0800 number is a last resort, as most issues can be resolved via the app.

Card with no annual fee

In addition to all the advantages that C6 offers, the bank's credit card offers zero annual fees for its users, in order to make the experience with C6 bank financial products even better. Pay only for your monthly purchases and have a card in your hands with no additional fees.

With zero fees, you are free to use your card without waiting for surprises when paying the bill, ensuring that you will have an even better experience with the financial products that C6 Bank provides you. Try the C6 credit card and see how there could be a complete card that is ideal for you.

A complete bank full of functions

C6 Bank is a bank full of features and you will only be able to discover them all in practice, when opening an account and requesting a card. C6 Bank's credit analysis is one of the fastest on the market and gives you an almost instantaneous response, allowing you to start using its financial products as quickly as possible.

Filling out a C6 Bank account and card application is also quick and doesn't require much personal information, take 10 minutes out of your day to submit your application and secure a C6 Bank card to call your own. Do you want to have one of the best cards and accounts on the market today?

Common questions:

What is C6 Bank?

C6 Bank is a digital Brazilian financial institution that offers a variety of banking services, including current accounts, credit cards, investments, loans and other financial solutions.

What are the main features of C6 Bank?

C6 Bank stands out for its fully digital approach, offering customers the convenience of managing their finances through a mobile app. Furthermore, the bank is known for its transparent and competitive fee policy, as well as offering a wide range of financial products.

What sets C6 Bank apart from other financial institutions?

C6 Bank stands out for its personalized financial product offering, efficient customer service and an intuitive user interface on its app. In addition, the bank offers a variety of benefits, such as cashback on credit card purchases and differentiated returns on investments.

Is C6 Bank trustworthy?

Yes, C6 Bank is a financial institution authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil and follows all banking regulations. Additionally, the bank uses advanced security technologies to protect customer information and financial transactions.

How can I open an account with C6 Bank?

  • To open an account with C6 Bank, simply download the bank's app on your smartphone, follow the registration instructions and send the necessary documents for verification. The account opening process is simple and can be completed quickly, without the need to visit a physical branch.