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Magalu Credit Card: buy everything you want for less

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The credit card that was missing in your pocket has arrived! Understand why it is essential that you have a Magalu credit card and make your purchases much safer.


The Magalu Credit Card has arrived to show you that it is authentic and different from others. If you think you can't increase your purchasing power even further, you're wrong! With the Magalu credit card you buy much more and pay much less, especially taking advantage of the advantages that the store offers.


A credit card that does not charge annual fees or extra fees for maintenance, and even allows you to pay your purchases in installments many times. Buy more, enjoy the advantages of being a customer and see your purchasing power increase significantly after applying for your Magalu credit card.

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Advantages of the Magalu Credit Card

If you think that the Magalu credit card only gives benefits within official stores, you are wrong! As a Magalu credit card customer, you will have access to a wide range of discounts at partner online and in-person stores, and you will see your purchasing capacity increase significantly.


Understand why applying for a Magalu credit card is the best option for you if you are looking for ease and better purchasing power when filling your cart. Understand how the Magalu card will forever change the way you consume and especially buy more while paying much less than expected.

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Take advantage of the exclusive discounts that Magalu can provide you on the website and in physical stores. Increase your purchasing power with Magalu.

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Cashback and exclusive discounts

When shopping at Magalu stores you are entitled to 2% cashback on all purchases you make. That's right, regardless of whether purchases are made on the website or in a physical store, rest assured that 2% of the total will be returned to you, further increasing your purchasing capacity and allowing you to save.


Furthermore, when purchasing from official Magalu stores you enjoy exclusive discounts, and take advantage of unique values that only Magalu card customers are entitled to. Buy more at official stores, receive cashback and enjoy paying much less with your Magalu credit card.

Exclusive support and service via app

As a Magalu customer, you have specialized support ready to assist you and answer all your questions at any time of the day. Understand how your card works, find out the possibilities it gives you and see more options to improve your user experience.


Furthermore, have your operations centralized in the palm of your hand at any time of the day. Track your transactions in real time and have greater security when moving your Magalu financial products. Through the app you can stay up to date with everything that happens with your credit card in real time.

Exclusive benefits and sweepstakes

With your Magalu credit card, you can compete for exclusive benefits at partner stores, and always receive a percentage discount on whatever the value of your purchase. Partner stores are available at all times to provide you with the best discount coupons for you, Magalu customers.


In addition, you compete monthly in the draws carried out by Magalu, which aims to benefit its customers even more. Compete for incredible prizes, such as shopping vouchers and cruise passports, and benefit just for being a Magalu customer. Magalu presents gifts to its customers monthly.

Exclusive loans and payment options

If things get tough, know that you can use the Magalu loan! That's right, Magalu provides its customers with the FGTS loan, and other options for those who want to get out of the red and acquire their items in an uncomplicated way and with better payment possibilities.


And if your situation is still tight, you have easy payment options to pay off your debts and ensure that you don't end up in trouble. Pay your purchases in up to 24 installments and pay in much longer without paying excessive interest. Magalu makes your payment easier.

Increase your purchasing power with the Magalu card.

Exclusive benefits for you

Being a Magalu customer means being sure that your purchasing power will increase, you will have access to the best financial solutions and you will also be able to buy everything you want for less, within Magalu stores and partner stores, in addition to having easy payment for don't get tangled up.


Magalu card credit analysis is made easy and allows you to start using the benefits of being a customer instantly, as soon as approved. Start using your Magalu credit card right now and see the advantages of being a customer in practice.

Common questions:

The Magalu card is a credit card offered by Magazine Luiza, one of the largest retail chains in Brazil. It works like a conventional credit card, allowing purchases in physical and online stores, in addition to offering exclusive benefits to its customers.

The Magalu card offers several benefits, including exclusive discounts on selected Magazine Luiza products, special installment conditions, access to promotions and exclusive offers for card customers, as well as participation in loyalty programs and accumulation of points.

Magalu card rates and fees may vary over time and depend on the type of card and the customer's profile. These generally include annuity fees, installment interest, cash withdrawal fees, among others. It is important to check the specific conditions at the time of hiring.

Requesting the Magalu card can be made directly at Magazine Luiza physical stores, through the company's official website or through the Magalu app. Interested parties must fill out a form with personal information and wait for the credit analysis carried out by the partner financial institution.

The requirements to obtain the Magalu card may include minimum age (generally 18 years old), proof of minimum income, satisfactory credit history, among other criteria established by the financial institution issuing the card. Credit analysis is done to determine the customer's eligibility.

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