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Méliuz Credit Card: the credit solution for you today

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Do you want a credit card with quick approval and limits that give you high purchasing power? Méliuz has arrived to transform your purchasing power!


Today we bring you a totally incredible credit solution, which will once and for all transform the way you buy online and still be able to accumulate cashbacks and discounts that will make all the difference when paying your bill. Méliuz is a new solution on the market that has arrived to revolutionize its customers' pockets.

A card with no annual fee and that allows you to make all your transactions directly through the app, making your life easier and providing you with benefits never before seen on other credit cards today. Furthermore, Méliuz provides you with quick approval and high credit limits.


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Benefits of the Méliuz Credit Card

Enjoy online and in-person shopping with the biggest discounts in the category with Méliuz. All your purchases can provide you with incredible cashbacks and discounts, allowing you to buy much more while paying less than half. Furthermore, with Méliuz you have full control of your transactions via the app.


Count on a card with no annual fee and ready to keep you safe and provide you with real and tangible benefits, transforming your wallet once and for all. Start shopping as soon as your request is approved, because with Méliuz you don't need to wait for your card to arrive to start shopping.

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Buy more and pay less with the credit card that stands out when it comes to cashback.

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Zero annual fees and low interest

When choosing Meliuz you are choosing a credit card that is free of annual fees, meaning you don't have to worry about your card's maintenance fees or any additional charges that may appear on your statement. Méliuz does not charge its customers a single penny for services provided via credit card.


Furthermore, count on low interest rates in case of late payment of your bill, and don't be worried about abusive fees in any situation. Méliuz presents itself as a financial solution for its customers, and that is why it values maintaining lower and hassle-free rates.

Facilitated transactions and total security

With Méliuz your transactions and statements are updated in real time and provided to you through the application. Never be lost in your finances and monthly expenses again, as when making any purchase or financial transaction, Méliuz notifies you quickly.


Also count on insurance for your credit card and also for your transactions, and never again run the risk of suffering scams or attempted theft of data and limits, as Méliuz controls your consumption pattern meticulously to avoid any types of fraud that could to occur.

Cashbacks and partner discounts

When using Méliuz you receive cashbacks that may vary according to the values of your transactions, but which can be used in different ways, including to pay your invoice at closing. Buy more and pay less with cashback on purchases already made.


Also enjoy the benefits of partner stores, which together with Méliuz provide the best values so that you, the customer, come back more often and enjoy the best discounts and buy much more with less limit, significantly increasing your purchasing power.

International card with high limits

If you are going to travel abroad and are afraid of not being able to buy things on credit abroad, your problems are over. With your Méliuz card, your crowns are guaranteed, as it works normally outside Brazil, allowing you to enjoy the same benefits it has within the national territory.


And the most important thing of all is that Méliuz provides the best limits on the market within your credit analysis, allowing you to buy everything you want, paying less interest and in more time, in addition to accumulating cashbacks and discount coupons that will give you give exclusive advantages.

Have a credit card with cashback to call your own.

Meliuz awaits you

The time has come to choose a card that carries real benefits! With Méliuz your problems have come to an end, as you will have a card full of advantages at partner stores, discount coupons and incredible cashbacks, capable of increasing your purchasing power.


Furthermore, Méliuz's financial analysis is so fast that you won't believe it when you receive the approval message. Request today and see your finances change with the help of Méliuz and the advantages it provides.

Common questions:

Méliuz is a Brazilian company that offers a cashback service, where users receive part of the money back on purchases made through the website or app, in partner stores.

How Méliuz cashback works is simple. Users register for free on the platform, access the website or application, choose a partner store, make the purchase according to the established conditions and receive back a portion of the amount spent, which is deposited into the user's Méliuz account.

Méliuz has partnerships with several well-known stores in the Brazilian market, including large online retailers, technology companies, travel services, among others. Some of the partner stores include Americanas, Submarino, Amazon, Magalu, among others.

Yes, in addition to cashback, Méliuz also offers discount coupons that can be used in its partner stores, allowing users to save even more on their online purchases.

Méliuz makes money through a commission it receives from partner stores for each purchase made through its platform. Part of this commission is passed on to the user in the form of cashback, and part is retained by the company as revenue.

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