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Neon credit card: everything your wallet was missing

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Amid so many possibilities and various options in the Digital Bank category, see how Neon stands out.


If you are looking for a credit card that meets your needs without bureaucracy, know that Banco Neon stands out with its features and has the best limits for you, being one of the pioneers in the category, delivering unique functions since its debut. See all the advantages of the Neon credit card and why you should choose it to call yours.

With an incredible interface and unique features, Banco Neon brings the best credit options for you who want a card full of facilities, and with complete control in the palm of your hand. Control your limits, monitor your transactions in real time and enjoy security that no other digital bank will be able to provide you 24 hours a day.


Benefits of the Neon Credit Card

Having a functional credit card in your hands, full of advantages and which, above all, allows you to control your limit, is ideal for those who need to save more and end up spending a lot at the end of the month. The Neon Card is ideal for those who want to have high purchasing power but without using the entire limit at once.

Control your finances securely, track your expenses and have complete financial control of your expenses through the Banco Neon app. Understand that this is the credit card made for you and see the advantages of becoming a Banco Neon customer today.

Neon Bank

Get access to the best credit card capable of meeting all your needs and providing you with the best limits.

Elastic Limit

You control your limit however you prefer. To avoid spending more than you can afford, you can control your card limit through the bank's app, and only leave available what you are going to use. This was a way for the bank to give you greater control over your finances without losing your purchasing power.

Many cards have this functionality but little is said about it. Have complete control over your expenses and limits in your app. Remember: your card limit is not decreasing, it is just being limited, and you can release it whenever you want to use it, without any hindrance.


At Neon you receive cashback using your credit and debit cards as well. Receive money back just for using your cards and be guaranteed that you are paying much less on your purchases, through the cashback program that Neon bank offers you.

Neon cashback is not in exact values, it is based on 0.5% of the value of your purchase. The higher the value of your purchase, the greater your cashback and subsequently the discounts you will receive on your account. Use cashback however you prefer.

Account that pays

Leaving your money at Banco Neon means having a guarantee that it will pay off, providing you with never-before-imagined interest. Have a river of possibilities letting your money pay off at Banco Neon, and see your income increase exponentially with each day.

Banco Neon yields up to 113% of the CDI with daily liquidity, that is, every day that your money is in Neon it is yielding and generating passive income for you. Leave your money with Banco Neon and watch your profits increase, with an account that pays automatically.

Facilitated Loan

At Banco Neon you have access to the best loans in the category, which can be personal or payroll-deductible. Both are made easier when making your request, and have an uncomplicated analysis to make life easier for the customer. All requests can be made via the application.

Within 48 hours you will have access to the values if, after simulating, you are approved. Neon's analysis is very quick and as soon as you receive your answer you will have access to the money in just a few moments, to use as you prefer and make your dreams come true or pay your debts.

Have access to all your transactions on your cell phone.

Gifts that only Banco Neon gives you

Now you understand how being a Neon bank customer can make your life easier! Your money earns, you have access to cashbacks using your credit and debit, and on top of that you have access to the best loans in the category, and enjoy an account that brings you automatic income.

Requesting a Banco Neon credit card is very simple, but first you need to request to open an account. Neon does not request any documents outside the application or payment fees to open an account, be careful and do not allow yourself to suffer financial scams on the internet. Ready to be a Neon customer?

Common questions:

What is Banco Neon?

Banco Neon is a Brazilian financial institution that offers digital banking services. It was created with the aim of providing a more modern and simplified experience compared to traditional banks, with most operations carried out through applications and the internet.

What are the main services offered by Banco Neon?

Banco Neon offers a variety of services, including digital current accounts, debit and credit cards, payment of bills, transfers, investments and other financial products. The proposal is to facilitate access to banking services through digital platforms.

To open an account at Banco Neon, it is generally necessary to download the application, fill out a registration form and follow the instructions provided. Often, the process is simplified, without the need to visit a physical agency, making it possible to carry out the entire procedure online.

Advantages include ease of access to banking services through digital devices, competitive rates and agility in transactions. However, disadvantages may involve the absence of physical branches for in-person service and the dependence on an internet connection to carry out operations.

Banco Neon implements several security measures, such as data encryption, two-step authentication and monitoring of suspicious activities. Additionally, it often provides information about safe practices to customers to help them protect their accounts. It is important to follow security recommendations and keep passwords and personal information confidential.