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Cnh Digital 2022 – See How to Download and Use

It is not news to anyone that technology is increasing and changing every day more advanced in relation to everything and it is thanks to these same technologies that nowadays thousands of companies will decide to make applications available so that their services can be done using only the same.


And it was no different with the CNH, because now it is also possible for you to have access to all your information, using only the application of that same document. However, many people still do not know how to request this new version of the document.

If you are part of this same group of people, know that this is the most suitable article for you, for two main reasons. The first is that throughout this article you will be able to access the best and main information on the subject.


And the second of them is the simple fact that, it will be through this same information that you may be finding the correct answer to most of your main questions related to this same subject, the new version of the CNH.

CNH Digital Registration 2022

So that the lives of many people can be improved and thus facilitated, especially those people who are drivers of vehicles of all kinds, several states around the country are already allowing them to carry out the use of CNH Digital.

Where, the main idea of this new version of the document in question, is in fact to facilitate in general the use of the National Driver's License.

Being a document that has been available in the country since 2017, the main advantage that this card offers us is precisely the fact that drivers do not need to have the physical document, since they already have the new version of the document in question.

That is, this basically means that CNH Digital is already considered an official document across the country, so you can be using it without worrying.

But, of course, it is extremely important to remember that it is very important to carry the document, both digitally and physically, whenever you leave, as this way, you will be preventing possible problems with the document.

How to make CNH Digital?

If you are interested in learning how to make this document, after having access to some of the information that makes up the document, know that now it will be possible. Bearing that in mind and knowing that many people still don't know how to issue the document, we made a brief step by step on how you can be making the document in question in a simple and quick way. Check it out:

First, you need to install the National Digital Driver's License application on your mobile device (the application is available in the virtual store for IOS and Android devices).

After installation and as soon as you open the application, you will need to register with the Detran;

Using your CPF number, click on “Continue” and then enter all the data that is being requested.

After that, some time later you should receive a validation link that should arrive at the registered email address.

Now is the time when you will use the application, for that you will have to click on the “+” option that will appear in green so that you can add a new document.

Enter your CNH number and then enter its security code (which can be found in the document itself) and then click on “OK” and finally click on “Download CNH” and it will be at that moment that the application will create a key access to you.

If all data is correct, as soon as you click on “CNH Digital” you will be directed to register a PIN.

Using this same registration, you will be able to have access to all the information of your document in the initial screen of the application.