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Discover the Clickworker app and earn euros by doing tasks

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If you're tired of those apps that only cheat and never pay you, your wait is finally over. Discover the best app to perform paid tasks in 2024.


With a completely new proposal, Clickworker arrives in app stores, an app where you get paid to carry out tasks of the most varied types on the platform. There are paid tasks for the most varied types of profiles and there will certainly be tasks for you to complete and earn extra income.

These are not those apps that you need to answer surveys to earn, in general they are tasks that you need to carry out in a more specific way to earn up to 2 euros per completion. Check the requirements of each task and start earning in euros today.


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Earn money with Clickworker


Coming to bring a completely traditional proposal, Clickworker offers tasks of various styles. There are surveys of questions with objective answers or even more specific tasks, such as recording videos and taking photographs.


In general, the content that the user “sells” to the platform is not used and is often provided for testing. See a little more about how Clickworker tasks work and start earning money today with this totally innovative platform that pays you in euros.



Carry out tasks that are within your reach and earn euros for each of them. Monetize in different ways in this task-packed app.

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Answer basic surveys

At Clickworker you are also paid to answer surveys in a traditional way, but the surveys are only presented for your profile if it meets the requirements required by the platform. Answering surveys is one of the ways to monetize within Clickworker.


Whenever you see on the home page that a survey is available that you would like to pay for, fill out the pre-participation questionnaire and see if your profile fits the bill to answer the questions and receive compensation. The balance is credited to your Clickworker account instantly.

Produce content

Within Clickworker there are tasks where you need to record UGC-style content, which is based on the user experience and shared for different purposes. There are tasks where you need to take photos of people or places, record videos of certain interactions and share them with the platform.


Remembering that all this content is first of all evaluated by the platform and can be approved or not. Receipt is only after approval, and the user can be worry-free as the content is not shared and is used for commercial purposes.

Train artificial intelligence

There are some tasks within Clickworker where you are paid to train certain artificial intelligence. That's right, and if you're not within the age range required for the task, there's no problem. Another person within a certain age range can do the task for you without any problems.


Artificial intelligence training is done to make them responsive and know if they are delivering effectiveness in practice when it comes to relationships with humans. You can be paid in euros to train artificial intelligence and know that these tasks can be carried out more than once.

Train applications

In the same way that you can train and educate artificial intelligence in different ways with Clickworker, it happens with applications in general. The application has a solid partnership with several companies that send applications in the testing phase to be tested by Clickworker users.


Give your sincere feedback and highlight the points of improvement that each application needs to truly become an application ready for use in users' practice. Clickworker wants to know your real opinion and experience using the applications of partner companies without lying.

See the different ways to make money with Clickworker.

Monetize your free time

Know that it is extremely possible to make extra money with Clickworker tasks and also contribute to the evolution of applications and artificial intelligence. Clickworker has different types of tasks to make you earn money and share your opinion and experience as a user.


Creating an account at Clickworker is quick and easy and you will only need a few minutes, but remember that to withdraw the amounts received you will need a PayPal account. Get ready to earn money by sharing your opinion and make extra. How about becoming a Clickworker user today?

Common questions:

Clickworker is an online platform that connects individuals with companies that need help with specific tasks. These tasks may include data collection, image categorization, audio transcription, among others.

Users register on the platform and go through a qualification process to access tasks. Once qualified, they can choose from a variety of tasks available on the market. Upon completion of tasks, users are paid according to the complexity and volume of work performed.

Earning potential at Clickworker varies depending on the time dedicated and the availability of tasks. Some users report significant extra earnings, while others see the platform as a more modest source of income. Payment is generally calculated based on the quantity and quality of work performed.

Basic requirements to become a Clickworker include having access to the internet, basic computer skills and being able to understand and follow detailed instructions. Depending on the specific tasks, additional skills may be required, such as knowledge of foreign languages or the ability to perform specific tasks such as transcription.

Clickworker is a legitimate and reliable platform that has been operating for many years, providing remote work opportunities to thousands of people across the world. However, it is important to be aware that, as with any crowdsourcing platform, earnings may vary and some users may face challenges finding suitable tasks or reaching their income goals.


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