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Discover everything the Nubank Account can do for you

Leaving your money in your Nubank account could be one of the best options for you today.


The Nubank current account is the first product that customers have access to, even before the credit card that ends up taking all the fame. But what many people don't know is that both together bring incredible facilities to their customers and also allow for out-of-the-box mobility.

See why it could be the best option for you to sign up for a Nubank current account today, and start enjoying the advantages that every Nubank customer has. You need to understand why the Nubank account is ideal for you and we have separated some reasons that will make you want to open yours today.


Discover the benefits of the Nubank Account

Now that you understand that having a Nubank account means having ease and practicality in the palm of your hand, it's time to be more specific. You will read below some of the thousands of benefits that you will find when opening your account with Nubank. It is impossible to list them all, as most of them you will know in practice.

An uncomplicated account that offers you more products than you expect certainly deserves a positive evaluation from its users, who recommend the Nubank account even with their eyes closed. At Nubank your money is safe and all your transactions are notified and protected.

You have double the security and also have uncomplicated products, fast service and a purple card to call yours. Here are some more reasons that will make you want to open your Nubank account right now, showing that a bank can be functional and authentic at the same time.

See your money pay off

When you leave your amounts at Nubank you will see that your money starts to work for you and pay off passively without being tied up. In other words, whenever you want, you can withdraw it or even apply the amount you earned in other Nubank products and continue your passive multiplication.

So if you thought your money would stay put or you would simply need to invest to see it pay off, you were wrong! By leaving any amount, Nubank already makes them work passively for the customer, bringing an account that actually pays off and brings benefits to your pocket in the long term.

 Zero fees

Some banks charge their customers account maintenance fees, and when you least expect it, amounts disappear from your account or you even end up with a negative balance. Know that with Nubank you can be worry-free, as there is no fee charged for maintaining your account.

You can make as many transactions as you want, send and receive money for free, and even make withdrawals freely. Nubank aims to be transparent with the user, especially when it comes to charging fees, which in the long term may make it unfeasible to maintain an account, depending on usage.

Free transfers

Whether for other accounts you own or for third-party accounts, Nubank does not charge any fees on your transactions and bills. Be free to send and receive money in an uncomplicated way without having to rely on fees, which, however small they may be, have a negative impact on your pocket.

With Nubank's features you can send and receive money quickly, and see the amounts in your account right away. So for those looking for easier payments and better conditions for sending pix, Nubank has the perfect solution and delivers on what it promises.

Exclusive benefits

Even if you only have one account opened at Nubank, you can enjoy the benefits that appear on your home screen without worry. Take advantage and see what benefits appear for you and start enjoying the exclusives that only Nubank customers have.

You pay less on insurance for your home, cell phone and car, you can have a separate account for your business and still take advantage of taking out a loan with the lowest rates you can imagine. Get ready to have a completely positive experience with the benefits that Nubank brings.

The time to have a Nubank account is now

Forget everything you've seen so far about other digital accounts and allow yourself to have the best experience possible with Nubank. Your vision will be completely innovative about digital accounts and you will see that you can enjoy the same benefits as traditional accounts, or even more.

The Nubank registration analysis is quick and once approved you can start your financial transactions with this bank that leaves nothing to be desired. How about opening your Nubank account right now?

Common questions:

What is the Nubank account?

The Nubank account is a digital account offered by the Nubank digital bank, which allows users to carry out banking operations, such as payments, transfers, and receive their salaries. It is completely digital and has no physical branches.

What are the advantages of the Nubank account?

Some advantages of the Nubank account include: no maintenance fees, unlimited and free transfers between Nubank accounts, ease of use through the mobile application, automatic income from the balance in NuConta, and the possibility of making withdrawals at ATMs on the Banco24Horas network.

How do I open a Nubank account?

Opening a Nubank account is simple and can be done through the Nubank app. Interested parties need to download the application, follow the registration instructions, provide the necessary documents (generally ID, CPF and proof of residence), and wait for the request to be analyzed and approved.

Does the Nubank account offer a credit card?

Yes, the Nubank account is associated with the Nubank credit card, which is one of the company's main products. Customers have the option of applying for a credit card during the account opening process or later if they wish.

Is it safe to use a Nubank account?

Yes, the Nubank account is safe. The company adopts several security measures, such as data encryption, two-step authentication and constant monitoring of transactions. Furthermore, it is regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, which guarantees a series of rights and protections to customers.