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Discover What Free Courses You Can Take Online Expand your Educational Horizons without Cost

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Welcome to Grcconteudos. Today we will explore the fascinating opportunity to expand our academic and professional horizons with a guide from free courses that we can take abroad. Discover how to enhance your personal and professional development without costing anything!


Discover the best free courses to study abroad: Opportunities and Available Resources

At the height of globalization and online education, opportunities to study abroad have increased exponentially. Special emphasis is placed on those free courses that allow access to a quality education without regard to the student's economic situation.

Internationally renowned universities offer full scholarships to study degree, master's and even doctorate studies. Some, such as Harvard University, Oxford University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), provide online content and free courses available to the entire public.


Important educational platforms such as Coursera, EdX and FutureLearn, among others, it also offers a wide variety of free courses provided by recognized universities at a global level. You can find language courses, programming, mathematics, social sciences, art, among others.

Furthermore, there are student exchange programs and scholarships aimed at international students by foreign governments. For example, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) hello Carolina Foundation in Spain, they provide scholarships to study careers or postgraduate studies in their respective countries.

Asimism, international organizations such as UNESCO and OAS, offers scholarship programs for students from different regions of the world, with the objective of promoting international development and cooperation.

Lastly, it is important to mention that many universities offer free preparation courses for admission exams or competency tests in English such as TOEFL or IELTS. These courses can be online and available to students from all over the world.

In conclusion, the opportunities to study for free abroad are varied and accessible, it is only necessary to dedicate time to searching and investigating the different options, and taking advantage of the available resources. It is undoubted that this experience could bring great benefits both on a personal and professional level.

How can I access free Harvard courses?

Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, offers free courses through its online educational platform, edX.

To access these courses, you must follow the following steps:

1. Go to the edX website – In your browser, type

2. Registration on edX – If you still don’t have an account in edX, you will have to create one. Click on “Register” and fill in the necessary details such as your user name, email address and password. You can also register with your Facebook or Google account.

3. Search Harvard courses – Once you are on the edX home page, go to the “schools & partners” area and select “Harvard”. There you can see all the free courses available at Harvard.

4. Select the course you are interested in – Here you can choose the course you want to take depending on your area of interest. You can see the details of the course, including the duration, number of hours per week, level of difficulty, etc.

5. Subscribe – If the course you selected is to your liking, simply click on “enroll”. At this point, you will have the option of obtaining a verified certificate for a fee or following the course for free.

It is important to mention that although these courses are offered by professors of Harvard, in otorgan university credits. However, at the end of the course, you will have the option to pay for a verified certificate to demonstrate your learning.

Remember that discipline and commitment are required to complete these courses, even though they are free, the quality of the content is high and may require several hours of study per week.

Lastly, if you don't find a course you're interested in Harvard, recalls that edX also offers courses from other prestigious universities such as MIT, Berkeley, among others. Happy learning!

What classes can you take for free?

There are numerous free class options that can be accessed online, especially in the field of news and journalism.

One of the most valuable resources is the online education portal Coursera, where you can find a wide range of courses offered by universities and organizations around the world. You can find courses on digital journalism, news writing, journalism ethics, photoperiodism and much more. Although Coursera courses are usually paid for, the platform offers the option to “audit” most of its courses for free, which allows you to access all the course material without having to pay.

Another excellent option is edX, an online learning platform that also offers a wide variety of journalism courses. EdX has an option for free access to its courses, which include programs offered by institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Columbia.

Lastly, he Poynter Institute offers a variety of free webinars and tutorials on journalism and news. The themes cover a wide range of areas, from news writing to data verification and investigative journalism.

In addition to these resources, many periodicals and news sites offer free blogs and podcasts that can provide you with valuable advice and perspectives on the news field. Some even offer mentoring or mentoring programs that can provide you with practical experience in the field.

Remember that while these educational opportunities are valuable, the best way to learn about news and journalism is through practice. So don't hesitate to start experimenting with writing news for your account while you benefit from these free resources.

Where can I take free courses with a certificate?

The acquisition of new skills and knowledge has never been as accessible as in the digital era. There is a wide range of platforms and organizations that offer free courses with certificate on a variety of themes. Here you have a selection of some of the most popular ones:

1. Coursera: They collaborate with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, some of them free of charge. They offer certificates but are normally at a cost. However, you can request economic assistance if you cannot obtain the certificate.

2. edX: Similar to Coursera, edX offers a multitude of free courses in association with universities around the world. You can also pay a fee to receive a verified certificate.

3. Google Activate: This Google program offers several free courses, many of which include a final certificate. Topics include digital marketing, web development, professional skills and much more.

4. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda): This platform offers a free trial of one month, during which you can complete as many courses as you want and obtain certificates for each one. After this first month, you will have to pay a subscription.

5. OpenLearn: OpenLearn is the free access branch of the recognized Open University. They provide free courses on a wide variety of topics and each course provides a free digital certificate at the end.

6. SoloLearn: It is a platform dedicated to teaching various programming skills. All courses are free and upon completion you will obtain a certificate.

These platforms provide an excellent and accessible way to continue learning and expanding your skills. However, it is important to note that even though the course content may be free, on many occasions you will have to pay if you want to obtain it. accreditation certificate.

What type of short courses can I study?

1. Digital Journalism: This course introduces journalists to new technologies and digital media platforms. You will learn to use digital tools to improve the quality and distribution of your reports.

2. News Writing: This is an essential course for any aspiring journalist. It will help you develop solid writing skills and teach you how to structure a news story.

3. Periodical Ethics: This course teaches journalists how to manage ethical dilemmas in their work. You will learn to balance the right to information with respect for privacy and human dignity.

4. Photoperiodism: This course is perfect for those who want to combine their passion for photography with journalism. You will learn to take photos that tell stories and complement your information.

5. Investigative Journalism: This advanced course is designed for journalists who want to delve deeper into stories. It will teach you investigative techniques and how to handle confidential information.

6. Data Journalism: This is a growing field in journalism. You will learn to analyze and visualize large sets of data to tell compelling stories.

7. Periodismo Móvil: This course teaches journalists how to use their mobile phones to capture high quality videos and audio, broadcast live and edit content on the go.

Remember that there are only a few examples of short courses that you can study in the context of the news. Your choice will depend on your interests and professional objectives.

Common questions

Which news media provide up-to-date information about free courses available abroad?

News media such as BBC Mundo, El País, RTVE y CNN en Español suelen provide updated information on free courses available abroad. There are also websites specialized in education and training such as Universia, Coursera or Edx which offers news and details about global educational opportunities.

How can I find reliable news about foreign institutions that offer free courses?

To find reliable news about foreign institutions that offer free courses, you can turn to official and recognized sources, such as the websites of the same institutions, international educational portals or means of communication with credibility in the educational sphere. It is also useful to review them online learning platforms that they can partner with universities and other institutions to offer free courses. Another option is to subscribe to newsletters that regularly sends information about educational opportunities. Remember always check the information and ensure its veracity.

Are there news bulletins or websites dedicated to publishing news about free course offers abroad?

Yes, there are news bulletins and websites who are dedicated to publishing news about free course offers abroad. These resources provide up-to-date and relevant information for students and those interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge in international institutions. Some of these websites include Coursera, FutureLearn and Edx, among others, offering everything from short courses to full academic programs from prestigious universities around the world.

In conclusion, education has no frontiers in the present. More and more institutions are offering free online courses of high quality, allowing any person, regardless of their geographical location, to access a rich variety of learning. There are multiple options for anyone you want broaden your educational horizons From home, you only need an internet connection and the desire to learn. If you want to strengthen your professional skills, start a new hobby or simply satisfy your curiosity, there is a free course abroad waiting for you. For more information, keep an eye out for our upcoming publications on education and international study opportunities. Knowledge is just a click away!