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DISCLOSED 3 apps to watch Brazil games online



It is very difficult to find a Brazilian who doesn't like football. This sport is in the citizen's blood. Of course, there are people who do not follow this activity. However, it is not a majority. So, if we are talking about football, the Brazilian team could not be left out.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and in Brazil. As if that were not enough, the arrival of the internet, streaming and new technologies boosted the viewing of football matches. It is natural that, for example, now, close to the World Cup in Qatar 2022, many fans of the national team are looking for how to watch Brazil games online. Whether through smartphone, tablet or even computer.

So, keep reading to stay on top of the options to watch the national team's matches online and live.

Is there a way to watch Brazil games online?

Going straight to the point: yes, there is. Today, with the Android Play Store and iOS Appstore, there are applications in these virtual stores that allow you to watch the national team's games in a practical way and even in good quality.


Of course, it's not the same thing as watching it on TV, especially on the open television network. Image quality and size is higher than on a portable device. But, for practicality, you can watch Brazil games from anywhere, just have internet on your platform used.

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How to watch Brazil games online and live?

Firstly, it is important to point out that there are several applications in the Play Store, for example, that promise this. But not all are reliable. Therefore, check out the options to accompany the five-time world champion.


The first option on the list is SportTV. It is a paid option, but the application will broadcast, for example, the friendly game between Brazil and Ghana on September 23, 2022. To watch it through this means, you must:

  • Create an account related to SportTV and subscribe to one of the plans.
  • Download the “Sport TV” application from one of the virtual stores (App Store or Play Store)
  •  After that, go to the app menu and “watch live” when the selection game is available.
  • You should now be able to watch the stream

TV Brasil – TV AO VIVO

This is another way to watch the games in Brazil. The “TV Brasil” application is available on the Play Store and currently weighs only 7.8 MB. Therefore, it will not take up much space on your smartphone. After downloading it through this link, you just need to create an account by putting your main data in the application and log in. Remembering that you should not share any password with third parties, to avoid fraud.

After that, the application will give you a series of options to watch, put the channel that will broadcast the game and that's it, you will be accompanied by the match in Brazil, for example, at the correct time. It is important to note that the game between Brazil and Ghana takes place at 3:30 pm in Brasilia time.

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via player on the web

The third and last option is to watch on the web, on players that are accredited to show the game, like Star+, for example. To watch, you'll need to create an account on the streaming platform and run via app or browser.