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Application to Learn to Drive by Cell Phone 2023

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Although it may seem surprising, using apps to learn to drive on your cell phone is an alternative that deserves consideration. Especially when one observes that driving schools are adopting simulators to provide the first practical classes in a safer environment for both future drivers and the community in general.

Naturally, the ideal setup for learning to drive involves using a complete system, including three displays and a high-quality simulator.

In the absence of a quality simulator, even a game that reproduces, as accurately as possible, how a vehicle works can be useful, even if it is a racing game.

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Learning to drive through apps, although an alternative, is preferable to relying exclusively on practical classes offered by driving schools to pass the practical exam.

Unfortunately, some driving schools make the practice exams difficult on purpose, making it difficult for students to pass on the first try and even undermining their efforts.

Exploring Top Apps to Improve Your Driving Skills

There are several app options for learning to drive, with some offering comprehensive assistance in this process.

For example, there are simulators that can help both in preparing for the theoretical test and for the practical test.

 VRUM – DMV Simulator: An Option to Learn to Drive on Your Cell Phone

The VRUM application, a Detran simulator, is an alternative for learning to drive using your cell phone. With a size of only 30 MB, this application gives you the opportunity to prepare for both the theory test and the practical test. Although it is a simpler simulator, it is effective in identifying the student's pain points, allowing a more focused focus during practical classes and other training practices.

 Other Apps to Improve Your Driving Skills

In addition to VRUM, there are other valuable apps and games for training:

  1. parking mania 2: A quality app to improve your overall parking skills.
  2. DR Driving: Another simulator that helps to remember traffic rules. It starts by blocking other functionality until the virtual seatbelt is put on.
  3. Extreme Car Driving Simulator: A simulator with elements of a racing game, which improves your skills in challenging situations and emphasizes the importance of being attentive in traffic.

IMPORTANT: Some of the apps feature racing elements, but it's important to remember that these simulations are for entertainment purposes only. Racing real cars outside controlled environments such as racetracks is dangerous and not recommended.

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Is It Worth Using Applications to Learn to Drive?

Apps to learn to drive can be useful, but they are not a substitute for learning the exact movements performed behind the wheel. While they provide understanding, they don't develop the muscle memory needed for actual driving.

Therefore, the use of a simulator or even more complex simulation equipment is highly recommended to develop accurate practical skills.

 How to Download and Use the Applications

Downloading and using these apps is simple. Just access your cell phone's application store, search for the name of the desired application and click "download". The app will be installed on your device, allowing you to start using it right away.