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Free job search sites

Tired of looking for jobs in newspaper classifieds? Know that today, with the advancement of the internet, this no longer exists! That's because, with technology working in our favor, you can find the job of your dreams with a simple click. 


After all, the internet came to make our lives easier. Nowadays, we can watch movies, talk with friends, study, ask for delivery, buy trips, pay bills and, of course, the world of work would be no different. Among so many possibilities, all you need is a computer or smartphone to look for opportunities and job openings. 

So if you want to take advantage of this new technology but don't know where to start, don't worry! We separate for you a list of the best sites to look for job openings. Just keep reading and, who knows, you might land the long-awaited dream job? 


Free job search sites

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10 sites to look for jobs 

If you are looking for your first job or a replacement in the market, don't waste time! Check out the top 10 sites to search for jobs:

1. Vacancies

O Vacancies it's a complete website! He is responsible for mediating between large companies and professionals. Since 100% is free, it allows you to create your resume within the site after registering. A differential of the platform is that you can see how long that job vacancy will be open to candidates. In addition, Vagas allows video interviews and tests within the site itself. Furthermore, the site also has an app for Android and iOS.  

2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular sites, boasting around 250 million monthly visits. Candidates must register on the website to register their CV. The entire process of registering and searching for vacancies is completely free. One of the site's differentials is that it recognizes similar job vacancies. In addition, the platform also has a salary comparator, which displays approximate salaries for a given position. 

3. Google

Did you know that the Google could it be a job vacancy site? The search engine does a roundup of vacancy sites and manages to list in the search result. It is still possible to apply filters to the results and create a job alert. If you want to search for any vacancy on Google, just type “jobs in accounting”, for example, and wait for the search engine to select the best vacancies for you. 

4. InfoJobs

O infojobs allows you to create a free account and attach your resume in PDF. However, you can also create your own resume based on the site's requirements. One of the differentials of the platform is being able to see the evaluation of the companies that you will compete for the vacancy. The site also has a version for Android and iOS phones. However, despite having numerous free vacancies, the site has selected vacancies for users who subscribe to the Premium plan. 

5. Works in Brazil

Common layout that reminds a lot of the classifieds in a newspaper, the Work Brazil allows you to add a keyword such as “Law Intern” and select the desired location to search for available vacancies. Like the other sites, it has the job alert function by email. 

6. Catho

Like Infojobs, Catho is not completely free for users. In the free plan, the site asks users to register and only allows three applications per day. However, the site features relatively inexpensive plans such as Professional, Intern and Operational plans. 

7. LinkedIn

The famous business social network. O LinkedIn combines characteristics of a social network – in which you can maintain a professional profile with posts focused on your career – with a job search site. The platform even allows you to make connections with other people and see their activities on the network. In the Premium version, you can see which recruiters have visited your profile, in addition to giving your resume greater visibility. 


Jobs is one of the giants for job search. Currently, it has more than 270,000 vacancies and is already used by around 150,000 companies. Like other sites in the industry, it allows you to search for jobs without registering. However, to apply, you must register on the website. The platform also offers Premium services, which aims to increase the candidate's visibility for companies. In addition, Empregos has an application available for Android and iOS. 

9. National Job Bank

At the National Job Bank, popularly known as BNE, the big difference is that candidates can post their resumes without having to register in advance. In addition, the user can apply for the vacancy or wait for the company to contact him from the CV database. 

10.99 jobs

At 99 jobs, it is necessary, as with other platforms, to register in advance. The site is free 100%. However, to do a previous search you need to register. In addition, the platform does not have similar vacancies, like the vast majority. 


Discover sites specific to your area 

But what if I want to search for jobs only within my field? If that's the question you have in mind, don't worry! In addition to the best sites to find jobs, we separate sites for you that offer specific vacancies for certain areas. Just take a look: 

1. Legal Vacancies

For those who study or have studied Law, The Legal Vacancies offers job openings for students, law graduates and lawyers. The site is 100% free and has thousands of law firms from all over Brazil. 


Did you specialize in the areas of Administration, Industry, Logistics and Commercial? Then Manager is for you! Despite being a paid service with thousands of vacancies, the site allows a free trial of up to 7 days.

3. CVEngineering

O CV Engineering is aimed at several areas within engineering. The site allows you to register for free. However, alsosui the Premium version that gives greater visibility to the curriculum.

Now that you already know great sites to look for jobs, how about starting to register and send your resume?