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Hack for Stumble Guys? how to fly in the game


For a few months now, Stumble Guys has been standing out as one of the most downloaded and loved video games in several countries, including Brazil. Created by the talented team at Kitka Games, the game features unique features and parameters that have captivated players across all age groups. This has culminated in a lively and enthusiastic community, which passionately supports its gameplay and proposal. In this article, we'll explore one of the many tricks available for Stumble Guys, which allows players to fly through the vast digital skies of this virtual world.

Take advantage of the chance to dive into the universe of online multiplayer that has captured the attention of people of all ages. Discover tips and strategies to survive the challenges the game offers. Additionally, we will provide detailed information on how to play and all the exciting opportunities this colorful universe offers.

How to play?

Stumble Guys' proposal rescues certain elements from another game that is still very popular, although it is paid: Fall Guys. In this game, we face the challenge of competing with 31 other players on chaotic maps full of obstacles and traps. The main objective is to advance as quickly as possible while avoiding being taken down by our opponents in each scenario.

It can be said that, in a simplified way, Stumble Guys can be considered a more modest version of Fall Guys, although this in no way diminishes its fun. The vibrant world and wide variety of traps, attacks, and customization options make each match truly unique. Although it is a free game, some options may be a little more limited compared to its paid counterpart. However, developers and the modding community are always working to add surprises and new features to the game.


How to fly in the game?

To incorporate the flying ability into Stumble Guys and expand your gameplay options, you must install a Mod. These are exclusive modification files created by members of the gaming community and video game enthusiasts. The instructions for enabling Flight Mod are as follows:

  • Install Stumble Guys APK version 0.56.1.
  • Wait until the game installation completes normally, then open your account.
  • This mod brings a number of new details, including fresh character designs and accessories that can be used to customize your avatar.
  • Activate flight as a special jump, which allows you to avoid obstacles more easily and explore higher heights than your competitors.

The APK file of the mod to enable flight in the game Stumble Guys is completely safe, not containing any type of harmful files. In the context of video games, there are always concerns about the possibility of mods containing viruses. While this is a possibility, when downloading mods and modifications from trusted sources, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter security issues.

Other mods

The Stumble Guys universe is incredibly competitive, requiring constant vigilance over your opponents' tactics and strategies. This racing and survival game pits you against traps, obstacles and the cunning of your rivals. To increase the adrenaline even further, there are a variety of mods available that introduce jumping, flying and other exciting actions. You can explore the extensive catalog of mods available on HappyMod where you can get the flight hack for Stumble Guys.

If you're looking for alternatives and additional special abilities to improve your Stumble Guys experience, check out this list of suggestions. You will discover interesting options that offer new activities and proposals, as well as tricks to acquire more free gems.

Free gems?

There are different official ways to earn gems in Stumble Guys . This type of item is very useful because it is used to obtain skins and other objects within the game world. You can get the gems by completing different actions:

  • Winning matches
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Looking at ads.
  • Using the Battle Pass.

If you want to save time, you can choose to download a hack to get free gems. It is important to mention that this type of practice is not viewed favorably and may result in restrictions on participating in some competitions. However, you will still be able to enjoy the vast world of Stumble Guys by playing with friends and purchasing additional content using in-game currency.


On HappyMod, you can search for several other mods made specifically for the game Stumble Guys. These mods often include packs of new appearances or pre-determined amounts of money, providing early game advantages. However, it is important to mention that the use of cheats and modifications can discourage other players from competing against you. However, you can always create custom matches with your friends, allowing you to use cheats without causing problems for other participants.