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MEI: how to retire via INSS


According to official information from the federal government, Brazil has already registered more than 11 million Microentrepreneurs Individuals (MEI) currently. The reason is that many people are starting their own businesses and, of course, formal formal jobs have decreased a lot in the last government.


But if you have that doubt about how MEI retirement works, we at Mais Curioso will help you, clarifying several points about these entrepreneurs in Brazil. Keep reading to find out more.

How does MEI retirement work?

First of all, we need to sort out a few things. After all, the contribution rules are different for those who work in a CL regime and for MEI's. The reason is that the change in retirement rules began to analyze all Brazilian contributions individually. Therefore, it considers an average of 80% of the highest contribution wages.


That said, for microentrepreneurs, things are different. They contribute every month through the Simplified Collection Document (DAS), which charges an amount based on the current minimum wage. In this sense, this group is entitled to a retirement equivalent to the minimum salary.

It is worth informing that it is a decision through the payment of a fixed monthly amount referring to the taxes of each activity practiced. The collection money for retirement related to the minimum wage is currently R$ 65.50. In addition, the collection takes place in a simplified and unique way.

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MEI: how to increase the value of the contribution to retire with more?

So, the value can increase if the entrepreneur wants to. This is related to the payment of a higher contribution, which will entitle to a retirement higher than the minimum wage. But, when doing this, Social Security may want the worker to prove that he is, in fact, acting as an MEI.

Here, for you to understand: if a worker wants to retire with a salary of R$ 2 thousand, for example, he must contribute 20% of the desired amount. In this sense, he will have to pay a total of R$ 400 monthly. While he is micro, he will need to pay the DAS and 15% more related to work as self-employed, to close the percentage.

That is, if he wants to increase the contribution amount, he will need to use the code 1910 referring to the MEI category and pay the total amount of the DAS plus the additional. Furthermore, this professional can monitor whether DAS collections are regular.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the My INSS application on the Play Store or App Store
  2. Login with password and CPF. (
  3. After that, the user must click on “Extrato de Contribuções (CNIS)”
  4. Download the file available in PDF.

Then, the mentioned menu will contain the list of contributions, payment dates, considered remuneration and amount. Furthermore, in the National Social Information Register (CNIS) all MEI social security payments are registered.