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How to Request a Flamengo BRB Card


For Flamengo fans, having a credit card that represents their favorite team is not only a matter of convenience, but also of pride.

The Flamengo BRB Card not only facilitates financial transactions, but also strengthens the bond with the club. In this article, we will explore how to apply for the Flamengo BRB Card, analyzing its ideal user profile, rewards, advantages and disadvantages, as well as comparing it to other credit cards on the market.

Why is the Flamengo BRB Card Recommended?

Link with the Club

The Flamengo BRB Card is not only a means of payment, but also a symbol of identity and support for the Flamengo team. By using this card, fans reaffirm their passion and loyalty to the club, as it is personalized with Flamengo's colors and emblem, strengthening the relationship between the fan and the team.

Exclusive Benefits for Fans

  1. Discounts on Official Products: Flamengo BRB Card users have access to special discounts when purchasing shirts, accessories and other official Flamengo products. This means savings on purchases of items that express the pride of being red and black.
  2. Unique Club-Related Experiences: The card offers the possibility of enjoying exclusive experiences, such as guided tours of the Maracanã Stadium, meetings with players and club idols, and even the chance to watch games in VIP areas. These experiences strengthen the fans' emotional bond with Flamengo, providing unforgettable moments.
  3. Participation in Events and Promotions: Flamengo BRB Card holders often have priority or exclusive access to events promoted by the club, such as new shirt launches, autograph sessions, and fan engagement events.
  4. +Mengão Loyalty Program: In addition to the general benefits of the Mastercard Surpreenda, the card has the +Mengão program, which allows you to accumulate points on each purchase that can be exchanged for official products or experiences related to Flamengo, further strengthening the connection between the fan and the club.

In short, the Flamengo BRB Card goes beyond the functionalities of a conventional credit card, offering a series of advantages that enrich the experience of being a Flamengo fan, making it a valuable instrument for passionate fans of the club.

Rewards and Benefits

The Flamengo BRB Card is distinguished by its attractive system of rewards and benefits, designed to maximize fan satisfaction and engagement. Here are the details of the rewards and benefits that users can enjoy:


Points Accumulation and Redemption

  1. Points for Spending: With every purchase made with the card, fans accumulate points. This score varies depending on the type of card, with higher categories offering greater accumulation per dollar spent.
  2. Exchange for Official Flamengo Products: Accumulated points can be exchanged for a wide range of official club products, including game shirts, autographed balls, and other exclusive items. This allows fans to celebrate their passion for Flamengo and showcase their loyalty with official products.
  3. Redemption in Partner Services: Points can also be used across a network of partners, including retail stores, entertainment services and more, offering flexibility and additional value.
  4. Air Miles Conversion: A particularly attractive feature is the ability to convert points into airline miles in popular programs such as TudoAzul, Smiles and Latam PASS, expanding travel and leisure possibilities.

Mastercard Surprise Program

  1. Automatic Participation: When purchasing the Flamengo BRB Card, users are automatically enrolled in the Mastercard Surpreenda program, which offers additional benefits.
  2. Exclusive Benefits: This program allows users to access special promotions, such as the famous “Pay 1 Take 2”, in selected establishments and experiences, extending the value of purchases.
  3. Diversity of Offers: The Surpreenda program stands out for its variety of offers, which include everything from dinners in renowned restaurants to entertainment and leisure experiences, adding an extra layer of rewards.

Ideal User Profile

The Flamengo BRB Card is designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of a diverse group of Flamengo fans, each with their own lifestyle and consumption preferences. Let's detail the ideal user profile of this card:

Avid Flamengo Fans

  1. Frequent Purchase of Official Products: The card is perfect for fans who regularly purchase official Flamengo products. This includes not only the team's jerseys, but also a variety of merchandise such as hats, scarves, and other collectibles. With each purchase, they accumulate points that can be exchanged for more products or experiences related to the club.
  2. Active Participation in Club Activities: Ideal for those who actively participate in Flamengo events, such as games, fan meetings and other activities organized by the club. The card can offer access to exclusive perks, such as discounted tickets or VIP game-day experiences.

Sports Enthusiasts and Flamengo Fans

  1. Interest in Exclusive Sports-Related Benefits: Fans who value unique sports-related experiences, such as behind-the-scenes visits to the stadium or meetings with players, will find the card a gateway to these opportunities.
  2. Search for Attractive Rewards Programs: Those who want to maximize the benefits of their usual expenses by turning them into tangible rewards such as club products or exclusive experiences will be well served by the card.

Conscious and Strategic Consumers

  1. Taking advantage of Promotions and Discounts: Users who like to take advantage of promotions and discounts, especially on Flamengo-related products, will find this card a valuable tool for saving money while supporting their team.
  2. Interest in Financial Benefits and Experiences: Individuals who seek not only support for their team, but also tangible financial benefits, such as cashback, partner discounts and conversion of points into airline miles, will find the Flamengo BRB Card a robust option.

Types of Flamengo BRB Cards

Flamengo BRB's card portfolio caters to a variety of preferences and needs, with each type offering a unique set of benefits. Let’s explore each of these options in detail:

1. +Querido Card

  • Profile: Ideal for fans looking for a card with no annual fee and basic benefits.
  • Key Benefits: Free annual membership and access to promotions and discounts on Flamengo products.
  • Point Accumulation: Offers points in the +Mengão program, which can be exchanged for products and experiences related to Flamengo.
  • Roof: National, suitable for purchases and transactions within Brazil.

2. International and Supporter Cards

  • Profile: Developed for fans who need international coverage and seek additional benefits.
  • Additional benefits: They include international coverage, allowing the card to be used when traveling abroad, as well as benefits such as travel insurance.
  • Annuity: Exemption in the first year, with an annual fee applicable from the second year onwards.
  • Score and Programs: Accumulation of points in the +Mengão program and participation in Mastercard Surpreenda.

3. Gold Card

  • Profile: For those who desire a higher level of exclusivity and services.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Access to VIP lounges at airports and special insurance, such as purchase protection insurance.
  • Annuity: Charged annually, at a higher rate than the Internacional and Torcedora cards.
  • Point Accumulation: Greater accumulation per dollar spent compared to previous cards.

4. Platinum Card

  • Profile: Aimed at users looking for premium services and travel assistance.
  • Standout Benefits: Includes expanded travel assistance, enhanced travel insurance and exclusive services such as concierge.
  • Punctuation: Accumulation of even greater points per dollar spent, with additional benefits in the +Mengão program.
  • Annuity: Superior to the Gold card, reflecting the high level of services offered.

5. Black Card

  • Profile: The top of the line, aimed at fans who demand the maximum in terms of benefits and premium services.
  • Maximum Benefits: Includes all the benefits of previous cards, plus extras such as access to exclusive VIP lounges, comprehensive insurance, and top-notch concierge services.
  • High Score: Offers the highest points accumulation rate in the +Mengão program.
  • Annuity: The highest in the line, justified by the extensive range of services and benefits.

Pros and cons


  • Strong bond with Flamengo.
  • Variety of options for different financial profiles.
  • Accumulation of points in loyalty programs.


  • Annual fee for more advanced versions.
  • Minimum income requirement.
  • Benefits focused on fans, and may not be attractive to non-fans.

Comparison with Other Credit Cards

Compared to conventional credit cards, the Flamengo BRB Card stands out for its association with the club and the exclusive benefits in this context. While other cards may offer general benefits, such as cashback or airline miles, the Flamengo Card focuses on experiences and products linked to the team, which is an important differentiator for fans.

For Flamengo fans, requesting the Flamengo BRB Card is more than a financial choice; It's a way to be closer to your favorite team. With exclusive benefits and a variety of options, it meets different needs and preferences, reinforcing the passion for the club while offering practical features of a credit card.

By choosing the Flamengo BRB Card, fans not only gain in terms of rewards and benefits, but also contribute to the club, strengthening this unique partnership between sport and their personal finances.