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How to become a Hotmart affiliate?

To land here in this article, you've probably already heard of Hotmart and, of course, you need to know more information about this platform, what it offers and what it's like to become an “affiliate” of the company. Well, just keep reading this text to learn more about the famous Hotmart.


It is important to point out that Hotmart is a serious platform with a variety of contents from the most varied niches, therefore, there, within the company's guidelines, everything is reliable and safe. Understand everything below:

What is Hotmart?

Hotmart is nothing more than a platform that sells infoproducts. That is, infoproducts are those items such as courses, ebooks, digital guides and the like. It is not something physical and tangible like a cell phone, for example.


Infoproducts have gained a huge boom in the market in recent years. Driven by the expansion of the internet and the endless possibilities to learn. So, Hotmart is a company that brings together millions of infoproducts, sold by the creators themselves or third parties, for example, you can make.

Hotmart is similar to a Mercado Libre, the difference is that your product is shipped instantly and it is more about content focused on knowledge technology. Such affiliates are those people who will resell these infoproducts, but continue reading the article to understand how this works in more detail.

How does Hotmart work?

Well, let's say you have an ebook on how to play the guitar. So, if you are the author of this material, you can register at Hotmart and place this ebook there. Just like you advertise on a marketplace for example. Of course, before being announced and published on Hotmart, the company will verify your information, if you are a real person and your work too, if it fits the standards established by law.

Once this is done, a page and a link to your product are generated, which you can customize and make more “attractive”, let's say, for those interested to buy your ebook on how to sell guitar, as I gave the example above.

However, there is the issue of affiliates. That they will be able to resell this material. Understand below:

What are Affiliates?

Affiliates, whether from Hotmart or any similar platform, are nothing more than those people who will sell a certain infoproduct, earning a commission on top of the sale value. For example, we used the example above from the ebook on how to learn to play the guitar. Then, the affiliate will have a link to this ebook on Hotmart (to identify that he sold it) and will share and publicize this product to interested people. If one or more of these people buy the book, the affiliate earns a percentage of the value of the sale of the digital book. That's being affiliated.

It is important to point out that the affiliate can sell as many Hotmart products as he wants, with no stipulated limits. It's sold, won.

How to become a Hotmart affiliate in 2022?

First of all, go to company website or download the application from virtual stores such as the App Store or Play Store.

After that, go to “Register”. Select the “Sell Products” option and enter your main data that is requested. Once the process is completed, you must click or tap on “Affiliate”.

When you complete the registration, you need to enter the “Market” page, as you need to search for products that are from an area that you understand well, after all, this will increase sales.

Did you choose the content? So you need to check if it is of the type “Affiliation with 1 click”, or if it is “Request affiliation”.

If the first option is the one you saw on the screen, then it means that you can become an affiliate without requesting the affiliation process. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the content creator to authorize the sale.


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Affiliate Selling Tips

Having the link to sell a certain infoproduct is not difficult. The most complex thing in this case is selling. For this, if you want to have high sales results, the first step is to know the product you are selling, it seems obvious, but many people do not know what they sell. So it ends up failing.

Second, you must look for or create communication channels that are in the same niche as the infoproduct. Be it groups on social networks or niche communication vehicles. And finally, paid traffic can be a DIFFERENT tool to deliver high results in this segment.

If you want to understand how to generate high-impact paid traffic to sell products as an affiliate at Hotmart, keep following the articles on this site.