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How to open a Neon account

Find out how you can open your account at Banco Neon quickly and easily.


If you don't yet have an account at Banco Neon and don't yet know the benefits, know that this could be the bank that will transform your financial experience in the digital world. With Neon Bank you have facilities that you won't find in any other virtual bank.

The first step to enjoying these benefits that Neon provides you is to open an account, and today we will teach you how to request opening and have your account approved. See how quickly it can be to request an account opening at Banco Neon and start using the benefits of being a customer today.


Open your account at Banco Neon

Banco Neon is one of the fastest in terms of approval, and tries to be as quick as possible in responding to requests from its future customers. Becoming a Neon customer doesn't require much and it only takes a few minutes to request to open your account and take advantage of the benefits.

Start by downloading the Banco Neon app on your device, whether Android or IOS. The Banco Neon app is intuitive and optimized for all platforms and you can download it quickly if you have fast internet, be it a Wi-Fi or 5g connection.

See below what steps you must follow to successfully open your account at Banco Neon. Don't forget to complete any step correctly and send photos of your identification documents in good quality to prevent your account opening from being refused.


 Download the app

Please note that to create an account at Neon Bank you will need to download the Bank's official app on your cell phone or tablet. Account opening can only be done on mobile devices to make it easier for users to send documentation photos and also because they have a better quality camera.

You cannot complete the request on your computer, so be prepared to do it using one of the mobile devices within your reach. There are no mysteries when opening a Neon account, you just need to follow the steps requested by the application and reach the final screen.

Enter your details

You will need to carefully fill out the application to open an account at Banco Neon. We recommend that whenever you reach the end of filling out a page, carefully analyze the information, ensuring that you have not in fact made a mistake at one point or another that is essential in the analysis.

This will prevent your request from being rejected and you from wasting even more time fixing the information flagged by Banco Neon. Make sure that at each step you are sending the information in the correct fields and, above all, check your email and phone number more than once.

Wait for verification

Requesting to open your account may take a few hours, but it is essential that you follow your email or telephone number that you registered for contact, as you will be notified through there when your account is enabled for use. Banco Neon does not usually delay when giving feedback.

If any detail is wrong in your request, the bank will notify you via email and ask you to correct the information, but the process may be a little slower. Banco Neon does not usually wait more than 24 hours after verifying the information to approve your purchase.

Make your first transaction

After the entire process, it's time to finally start using your Neon account. It is important that you create a pix key to receive amounts, and to issue your card, deposit a minimum amount, generating movement in the account. Your card will arrive in a few days at the registered address.

But be aware that Banco Neon also offers the option of using the virtual card, if you are in a hurry and want to start using your new digital account as quickly as possible. Banco Neon allows you to use the virtual card in any e-commerce or digital wallet available on the market.

Banco Neon has the ideal account for you

In addition to the quick account opening response, you start using the benefits of the Neon account as quickly as possible, and have a quality digital bank at your disposal whenever you need it. Know that your transactions are secure and you have quality support and specialized service.

Banco Neon does not charge any account opening fees, so be wary if someone gives you this information. Get ready to have the best experience with Digital Banking so far and have one of the most functional cards of the moment. How about being Neon today?

Common questions:

What is the Neon account?

The Neon account is a digital account offered by Neon Payments SA. It is a completely digital bank account option, which allows users to carry out various financial transactions, such as payments, transfers, cell phone top-ups, among others, through an application for smartphones.

What are the advantages of having a Neon account?

Some advantages of the Neon account include the absence of maintenance fees, ease of opening an account, agility in transactions, availability of an international Visa debit card, the possibility of making withdrawals at ATMs in the Banco24Horas network and the offer of additional services, such as automatic balance income and cashback program.

How do I open a Neon account?

To open a Neon account, the interested party must download the Neon application on their smartphone, fill out the registration form with their personal data, send the requested documents (generally ID, CPF and proof of residence), and then wait for the analysis and approval by Neon. The process is generally quick and simplified.

Are there fees associated with the Neon account?

The Neon account generally does not charge maintenance or account opening fees. However, it is important to check the financial institution's fee table to understand whether fees are charged for certain transactions, such as withdrawals from ATMs outside the Banco24Horas network, for example.

How can I contact Neon support if I have any questions or problems?

Neon offers several customer service channels, including in-app chat, telephone support and support via social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. These channels are available to assist users in case of questions, problems or the need for technical support.