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How to watch The Farm for free

How to watch the Farm

The program arrives at your 13th edition this year and bring Adriane Galisteu in the presentation, replacing Marcos Mion. At the Headquarters, located in Itapecerica da Serra, in São Paulo, Members will compete for the prize of R$ 1.5 million


And before the premiere, there was a controversial statement. In an interview with a São Paulo radio station, Adriane Galisteu informed that political comments will not be tolerated in the episodes. Otherwise, any reference to the subject will be cut from the edition.

Like most of realities are shown on pay TV, many fans are unable to see the attractions, which becomes frustrating. But what a lot of people don't know is that it's possible to see them for free.


In the case of A Fazenda, even though it is aired on free-to-air TV, 24hs is not broadcast, but you can check out the program, for free, through other means of broadcasting. 

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The farm

The program brings in the cast the actor Gui Araújo, which was part of the first season of “On Vacation with the Ex”, you funkeiros Borel's business It is Tati Breaks Shack, the controversial rapper MC GUI, the singer Fernanda Medrado and the comedian mussunzinho, son of comedian Mussum. 

Also present are former global actor Victor Pecoraro, Solange Gomes, known from the Gugu's bathtub, It is Acrebiano Araújo, which passed through the programs "On the edge" It is “BBB 21”, the digital influencer marina ferrari, the singer Dynho Alves, the actress Aline Mineiro and the businessman Erasmo Viana.

How to watch the Farm?

Don't have time to watch TV and want to stay on top of episodes? Find out how to watch A Fazenda and check out the controversies of the participants. They are easy methods that will make you not miss anything that happens in the program. It's free! 


tune in to Record TV when it is shown, even if you don't have cable TV. Check the days and times of the attraction.


On the channels of Record TV or da attraction, you watch the episodes in full. 


If you prefer to use devices, you can watch the program on your cell phone, tablets or notes. download by play store (Android) or apple store (iOS) and check out how to watch A Fazenda accessing Record TV or free portals. 


By streaming platform from Record, you watch A Fazenda live and 24 hours a day. Free trial period for 14 days, directly on your mobile, tablet, TV Box or Smart TV.

The program returns to the Record TV schedule and promises to stir up the famous Headquarters located in Itapecerica da Serra. With the same proposal as in previous editions, confined pedestrians will follow the routine between housework and elimination rounds. The broadcaster intends to maintain the same level of audience, bringing new members who could leave the attraction as millionaires. 

The audience cheers for their favorite pawn and tries not to miss the controversial episodes. But, there are those who cannot keep up with the program. So we brought tips for you to watch.


Due to lack of time or impossibilities, we can't always stop to watch our favorite TV shows. But, as the digital world of making or watching content exists, watching shows has become more agile.

Did you see how easy it is to watch The Farm by other means? You can check out the episodes of the attraction and learn about the best and controversies that happen in reality. 

Best regards and until the next article!