How to watch Champions League games online for free
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How to watch Champions League games online for free

watch Champions League matches

If you are the type that keeps watching championships, this article is special and you are in the right place! The Champions League always brings emotions and expectations to its spectators at game time. Vibrating and rooting for the champion league, and even more in the comfort of home, is priceless.


When there are games, the transmissions are carried out by cable TV channels, which frustrates many fans of the championship. Many still wonder how to watch Champions League games without having to pay. As it is an exclusive service for subscribers, is there no other way to watch the matches?

If we say yes? Yes, it is possible to watch Champions League matches without paying a penny for it. Follow our article and learn how to do it! Time to cheer and better, for free!


Champions League

The Champions League, in Portuguese UEFA Champions League, is an annual football club championship involving several countries. Promoted by Union of European Football Associations, is played by football teams in Europe.

One of the most watched championships in the world, the 2012/2013 edition had more than 360 million viewers, the highest to date. Created in 1992, it has 66 editions from the previous formats and which had other names, and has Real Madrid with the most successful team in the games. 

Well, with a very epic story and remarkable games in its editions, practically many people are attracted to stop in front of their TVs and watch the matches. Of course, tuned to subscription channels. But, how to watch Champions League games without paying?

We have reached our objective and we will explain how it is possible to watch matches at no additional cost. Come and find out!

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How to watch Champions League matches?

For a long time, subscription TVs have been broadcasting matches. On platforms such as NET, Sky and Directv TV, it is possible to tune in to games on the HBO Max channel. But there is news on open TV. Check out how to watch the championship.

HBO Max Channel

Through the subscription channel HBO Max, you tune in matches. In championship season, check the days and times of the games. And if you decide to subscribe to the package, you can watch the programming during the seven-day trial period.



After an absence of three years, the SBT re-broadcast the matches. Stay tuned for days and times and don't miss out!

TNT Sports Brazil Channel

During game times, the paid channel TNT Sports Brasil usually broadcasts live, through its Facebook page, Champions League matches. It's free!


Through some websites, it is possible to watch the Champions League for free. Although there are constant changes in broadcasts annually, it is worth checking if it will be available for streaming. However, these sites are constantly removed. 


Although the platform has channels from TNT Sports Brasil and HBO Max, in addition to showing excerpts from Champions League matches, YouTube still does not have simultaneous transmission with the championship. 


You got to know how to watch Champions League matches in this article. Despite few opportunities, but highly valid, it is possible to watch the broadcasts of matches without having to pay. And the big news this year is free-to-air TV, on which SBT will once again show games. 

The cool thing about this proposal is to gather friends in front of the TV and celebrate! 

Until the next article!