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Meet Conect Sus: official application of SUS

Connect SUS

Understand how Conect SUS works and discover its advantages.  

Have you ever heard of Connect SUS? It is an exclusive app of the Ministry of Health, where you will have registered all your service history in the unified health system (SUS).


For example, in the app you can find all the information about your appointments and hospitalizations. You will be able to consult the prescribed medications, your exams performed and all your appointments made at SUS. 

In the app you will also have access to your Vaccination Card, being able to follow in the palm of your hand the vaccines that have been applied and those that are still pending, and that includes the COVID-19 vaccine.


What Services Are Offered? 

There is a list of services and consultations that can be carried out in the app, such as consulting hospitals, health centers, emergency services and the nearest popular pharmacies.

You can also consult maternity hospitals, health academies and health, specialty and psychosocial care centers available throughout Brazil.

It is an application with a lot of information related to health, all with the ease of being in the palm of your hand.

What are the Advantages

According to users, one of the biggest features of the app is the practicality of having information that would previously need to be collected at the gas station in the palm of your hand.

Another point reported as an advantage is the practicality of registration, see how: 


Connect SUS

To register for Connect SUS, all you need is your CPF and your SUS card. 

Access the app store on your smartphone or tablet, android or iOS and type Connect SUS. Download it for free and continue with your registration, but if you prefer, also by computer.

Once registered, you will be able to:

  • View your complete health history in one place;
  • View your medications, appointments and exams;
  • Check which hospitals, health centers and emergency services are closest to you;
  • Schedule routine appointments;
  • Have access to important health information;
  • Have access to the National Digital Vaccination Card;
  • Clear doubts about the SUS.

During the Pandemic

In this period of pandemic and immunization, the Ministry of Health advises that the entire population download the app so that the monitoring of vaccination against COVID-19 is more accurate.

Those who are registered in the application, as soon as they are immunized, will have their dose registered, in addition to the type of vaccine applied, the batch and the date it was administered. This avoids the risk of applying doses from different laboratories.

However, it is worth mentioning that this is only a guideline for registering with Conect SUS, and not a requirement to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

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