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Learn apps to troll your girlfriend and have fun

Apps to troll your girlfriend

In a healthy relationship, it's important to cultivate a sense of humor and share fun times with your partner. Light and humorous banter can help strengthen the emotional connection between the couple. However, it is critical to set clear boundaries to ensure that these pranks are not hurtful or offensive.


In this article, we'll show you fun and harmless apps that can add a touch of fun to your relationship without causing your girlfriend any harm or discomfort. Here in the Most Curious We are not going to make you end your relationship. Rest assured and read on.

Filter Apps: Face Changer

Face Changer fun app to troll girlfriend
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There are several apps available that offer funny filters and effects for photos and videos. But Face Changer is special and widely used for this trolling purpose.


Application to view conversations of Others on WhatsApp

You can use these apps to create fun moments and share them with your girlfriend. From adding funny glasses, hats or turning faces into animals, these apps are great for creating fun and relaxed memories together.

joke apps

Jokes and puns apps can be a fun way to surprise your girlfriend with a touch of humor. These apps offer a wide range of jokes, puns and riddles that you can share with her. Shared laughter is an excellent way to strengthen emotional bonds and create a happy environment.

Application link: HERE

meme apps

Memes and GIFs have become an integral part of internet culture, and sharing them can be a hilarious way to interact with your girlfriend.

Have you ever heard that audio like “Can I talk to you now or is your wife right next door”?…. So… this app here will show you options of this type. Only then don't forget to let her know that this is just a meme.


fake call app

10 Fake Call Apps with Real Voice! - Free Apps

This one is more dangerous. But if you warn before taking that girlfriend's hard, it will generate good laughs. Fake Call will make your partner believe that another woman is calling you with ulterior motives.

We are not responsible for any damages.


When it comes to banter and fun in a relationship, mutual respect and consideration for your partner's boundaries is essential. The apps mentioned above can be great tools to add a touch of fun and joy to your relationship.

However, it is crucial to use these apps responsibly, avoiding any content that could be offensive or uncomfortable for your girlfriend. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create enjoyable moments and strengthen your emotional connection through humor and fun.