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Find out how to watch Palmeiras games live and online!

Palmeiras has a busy schedule for 2022. In 2021 the team played several competitions and was champion of Libertadores over Flamengo. This year Verdão is strong in the Libertadores of America, Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa do Brasil, is a strong candidate in all competitions and one of the favorites, the fans are still very excited. 



How to watch Palmeiras games live?

Most football matches of Brazilian teams can be watched through some open tv or some closed channel. 


Generally, these TV operators also provide a streaming application to watch football on your cell phone and have the advantage of watching from anywhere, as long as you have internet.

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You can watch Palmeiras games on open TV broadcast by Globo, according to the broadcaster's schedule and the date of the games.

It is also possible to watch games on closed TV, and Pay-per-view Premiere or TNT Sports.

In the case of Libertadores games, SBT has the right to broadcast the games on open TV.

You can also watch Palmeiras matches live on Premiere Play, TNT and Estádio TNT streamings. To access them it is necessary to have subscriptions or a TV plan, one or streaming separately.

Find out how to watch Palmeiras games live and online!

How to watch Palmeiras games online?

It is also possible to follow your favorite team on the internet, through your smartphone, computer or smart TV.

You can watch Porco games through some sports apps and websites. To access, you need your own subscription or linked to a subscription TV plan.

Some options to watch football online are:

​​The UOL Esporte Clube application

Uol Esporte is a great subscription service to watch Porco matches, as it gives you access to two channels: ESPN and TNT Esportes Stadium (former Esporte Interativo/EI Plus). Uol Esporte Clube gives access to two applications: ESPN and Estádio TNT Esportes (former Esporte Interativo / EI Plus).

Plans with both services from R$ 39.90.

Separately, ESPN starts at R$ 21.90 and TNT Stadium at R$ 19.90.

SporTV app

One option is also streaming SporTV, integrated with the Globosat Play service.

If you have a TV subscription with exclusive access, just log in with the data registered with the operator.

Premiere FC

Premiere Play is a service affiliated with the Globosat team, ideal for watching Palmeiras games live on television or over the internet.

You can watch Verdão matches online at Premiere Play. It is available with pay TV packages or as a single monthly subscription, starting at R$ 59.90.

How to watch Palmeiras games in Brasileirão? 

You can watch Palmeiras matches in the Brasileirão on Rede Globo by date and time of the match.

On closed TV, matches can be watched on payperview Premiere or TNT.

See the list of the main cable channels to watch Palmeiras games:

SKY: 108 and 508 in HD

VIVO TV: 68 in HD



The 2022 Brasileirão games will be broadcast on TV Aberta, Globo and TV Pay, on Premiere, TNT Sports and SportTV channels.

How to watch Porco matches in Libertadores?

Do you want to know how to watch Porco's matches in Libertadores? You can follow matches online or on TV.

You can follow Palmeiras in the Libertadores of America in three ways: on Open TV, Closed TV and on Facebook.

On open TV, the matches are broadcast by SBT, two games per time, always on Wednesdays at 9 pm.

On cable TV, matches can be watched on Conmebol TV, which is offered in pay-view on SKY and Claro TV.

Thanks to Facebook, streaming is free. To view, follow these steps:

Open the social network application;

Click on the Watch menu 

Search on the “Conmebol Libertadores” page;

Follow the page by clicking on the “” icon;

Ready! Every time a broadcast happens, you will receive a notification.

You can watch on your cell phone or computer.

Where to watch Palmeiras games in the Copa do Brasil?

One option is to watch Palmeiras matches on Globo, according to the broadcaster's schedule.

On closed television, matches are broadcast on SporTV and payperview Premiere. You can also watch online via Premiere Play.

How to watch Palmeiras games in the Paulista Championship?

On open TV, you can follow Verdão matches in the Campeonato Paulista, on Rede Globo, according to the broadcaster's schedule and game times.

In closed television, transmission is guaranteed by Premiere and SporTV.

Matches can also be watched online, through a streaming application, depending on the program for each match.

A great São Paulo classic is Palmeiras X Santos. When the two teams enter the field, the rivalry is guaranteed and nobody likes to lose.

You can watch it on open TV on Rede Globo and on Payperview on Premiere and TNT Esportes.

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