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Mercado Crédito: immediate credit solution for you

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A loan unlike anything you've ever seen on the market. Understand how Mercado Crédito works and request your loan today to pay for your online purchases.


Mercado Pago decided to revolutionize and bring a totally different credit solution for those who are used to traditional credit granting models. With this differentiated proposal, Mercado Crédito arrived at the application, a solution for those who want to pay for online purchases in installments but do not have a credit card.

With Mercado Crédito you can buy on Mercado Livre, pay invoices and make other transactions using the credit limit that Mercado Pago makes available to you. Make your purchases without using your card limit and have the best payment terms, with better installment options.


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Advantages of the Credit Market

For those who want a completely new proposal, Mercado Crédito may be the best option on the market. You enjoy limits granted exclusively for online purchases, paying bills, etc., without compromising your credit card limit, and with payment deadlines adjusted to your reality.


Count on satisfactory limits and greater comfort when making your purchases with Mercado Crédito options. See what other benefits a Mercado Pago loan can bring you and consider requesting yours today, which has a quick analysis and response to requests.


Credit Market

Find the best credit options that Mercado Pago has for you today.

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Pay your bills without using your balance

Once you have your line of credit approved on Mercado Pago, you can use it for a variety of purposes, including paying bills for a minimum fee, which will make all the difference in your pocket at the end of the month. Save your money and pay your bills with Mercado Crédito, allowing yourself to save.


The Mercado Crédito loan allows you to pay your bills and also enjoy current promotions on the application. The promotional coupons that the application provides are also valid for payment with Mercado Crédito and you end up saving and paying much less on your bills.

Buy what you want on Mercado Livre

By joining Mercado Crédito you have the right to buy whatever you want on Mercado Livre within your available limit, and you can pay in installments as if you were using a credit card. This option is ideal for those who want to make a larger purchase but don't have a credit card or don't have enough credit limit.


Count on the affordable installment conditions that Mercado Crédito makes available to you and take the opportunity to buy a lot at Mercado Livre using this option. You just need to connect the same Mercado Pago account to Mercado Livre and the option will appear automatically.

Make pix with your limit

Yes, it is also possible to use your Mercado Crédito limit if you need to send a pix to someone or even yourself. The versatility offered by Mercado Pago allows you to split the amount sent if necessary and pay in as many times as you prefer, but the amounts are sent in full.


This function makes it much easier in times of urgency, when you need money on hand and don't know how to get it. Mercado Pago offers the best installment options so as not to burden your pocket and adjusts payment dates according to your conditions.

Top up and top up your ticket card

With your Mercado Crédito limit, you can also top up with your operator, regardless of what it is and how many times necessary. Mercado Pago offers coupons and cashback to make your experience of recharging cell phones via the app easier and even better.


You can also top up your ticket card using the coupons that Mercado Pago makes available to you, and you can instantly top up your transport voucher, ensuring that the top-up goes through immediately. But remember that to use it you must validate the recharge correctly.

Receive the best limits within your credit analysis.

Numerous advantages await you at Mercado Crédito

One of the most intuitive ways created to make life easier for users and especially for those who want credit in an uncomplicated way. Mercado Crédito is one of the best options on the market for those who want a recurring loan with good payment terms within their conditions.


To request Mercado Crédito you need to open an account on Mercado Pago and start using it regularly, and the finance company will soon offer you the best options within the category!

Common questions:

Mercado Pago is a financial services platform developed by Mercado Livre, one of the largest e-commerce companies in Latin America. It offers a variety of solutions for online payments, money transfers, mobile top-ups and other financial services.

Among the main services offered by Mercado Pago are: paying for online purchases, money transfers between users, payments in physical establishments using the QR code, cell phone top-up, payment of bills and bills, as well as loans and investments.

When making an online purchase on a website that accepts Mercado Pago as a payment method, the user can select this option at checkout. They will be redirected to the Mercado Pago platform, where they can choose between different payment methods, such as credit card, direct debit or balance in the Mercado Pago account.

Mercado Pago offers several advantages, such as ease and security in online transactions, wide acceptance in various physical and virtual establishments, the possibility of paying for purchases in installments, cashback on some transactions, as well as being an alternative for those who do not have a bank account.

Mercado Pago uses several security measures to protect its users' financial transactions, including end-to-end encryption, fraud detection systems, user identity verification, in addition to following international security standards to protect data and personal information .

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