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The 99 app and its features: much more than quick runs

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When we talk about 99 we immediately associate quick runs with the cost price that the app provides, but did you know that the app goes beyond that? Find out more!


That the 9 app brings its users fast races at wonderful prices is nothing new, but the app continues to gain space in the market as it proves to be much more than a simple running app. There you will find a completely different experience in purchasing relationships.

Know that your 99 app will serve you for many more functions, in addition to ordering race cars. Understanding all the features that the application provides can guarantee you the best possible experience using it, and will also give you greater savings when paying bills and using the app as a virtual wallet. Want to know how?


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99 application features

When you enter 99 you will immediately find the options for requesting your ride, but today we will talk about the other features that you will find within the application. To find the other options you need to download the most robust version of the application, 99 pay, available for Android and IOS.


As the name suggests, 99 Pay focuses on payments, but in an improved way for users. There you can send and receive pix, including using the amounts deposited via pix to pay for your rides and pay less than normal. see other advantages of using 99 Pay.



A completely new financial experience with one of the most complete digital wallets today.

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Pay your bills with a discount

You're wrong if you think that at 99 Pay you won't take advantage. When paying your bills with 99 Pay you always receive discounts, and this week you receive a discount of 9 reais on the first bill paid, as well as an additional percentage that the application updates weekly.


You pay your bills with a discount and save money, in addition to having a quick payment. Never be nervous again when paying your bills using 99 Pay, and have the best experience possible when paying online, and even receive coupons for greater discounts.

Receive Cashbacks

By paying bills and rides via 99 Pay, cashbacks are generated and can be used however you prefer within the app. You can use them in your future races or even send them via pix if you prefer. The values are at your discretion at the time of use.


All purchases and payments made within 99 Pay generate fees and cashbacks for you. When making your payments, choose 99 Pay to pay off and see that at the end of the month your discounts will have been much greater than you expected. Save significantly using 99 Pay features.

Turn your credit card balance into cash

Using 99 Pay you can make pix using your credit card with the lowest rate on the market, which is sent instantly. To do this, you just need to register and validate your credit card through the virtual wallet option, and your card can also be used to pay for travel through the app.


If you need money but only have a credit card, you can send it via pix using your card balance without paying high fees, and you can see the amount of the fee charged in cash as soon as you enter the amount you want to send. for someone else's pix or even yours.

Your money pays off

In addition to all these benefits mentioned, your money in your 99 Pay account continues to earn money, working passively for you. Even the cashbacks received, if they remain in the account, end up paying off and generating a monthly increase, which can be used in any way you wish.


If you wish to use 99 Pay as your main digital wallet you will see a significantly positive increase in your finances, and you will see that the cashback turnover generates many more advantages than you expected. Try leaving money in your 99 Pay account.

The affiliate market is one of the broadest on the internet.

Advantages that never end


Choosing 99 Pay as your digital wallet is experiencing the power that a simple car app can give you. In addition to the functions mentioned in the list, 99 Pay has many more features that were not included in this text, and that you will have experience using in practice.


Creating a 99 Pay account is simple, just enter an email and password, or a cell phone number. If you already use 99 as a car app, simply download the 99 Pay app version. Ready to have a new experience with 99?

Common questions:

99Pay is a digital wallet developed by the Brazilian urban mobility company 99. It allows users to make payments at commercial establishments, recharge their cell phones, pay bills and even transfer money to other people, all in a simple and secure way through a mobile application.

To use 99Pay, simply download the 99 app and create an account. After registering, you can add money to your digital wallet via bank transfer, bank slip, lottery deposit or with a credit card. With your balance loaded, you can make payments at partner establishments, make transfers between 99Pay users and even pay bills and bills.

One of the main advantages of 99Pay is its integration with the 99 transport app, which makes paying for trips easier. Furthermore, the digital wallet offers exclusive promotions and discounts for users, providing savings on everyday transactions. Security is also a concern for 99Pay, which uses advanced data protection and encryption technologies to ensure the privacy and security of transactions.

Most transactions on 99Pay are free for users. However, some operations, such as cell phone top-ups and withdrawals, may be subject to fees, which are informed transparently at the time the operation is carried out. It is important to check the conditions and fees in force when using the digital wallet.

Yes, 99Pay is available to users across Brazil. However, the availability of some services, such as cell phone top-ups and bill payments, may vary by region. The company is constantly expanding its network of partner establishments and services offered to ensure the best possible experience for users across the country.

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