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Get Organized: Easier ways to plan and make your move!

When we need to adapt to a new reality and change the environment, there is always that feeling of despair, of how we are going to be able to do this without despairing. Change is always very difficult and the first few days can be stressful, but there are ways to make our organization easier.

If this is the first time you're going to change, or if you've done it other times but still haven't gotten used to the hustle and bustle that changes bring, today we're going to give you some ideas that can facilitate your process, ensuring minus the physical organization of its objects.

Planning is essential in your move!

Planning will be the key to being able to carry out your move without unforeseen events and disorganization, ensuring that when you arrive at your new home everything will be much easier! We have put together some ideas that will help you at this time, let’s check them out below.

Plan your move for greater lightness.

1. Set concrete dates

To change your environment, it's not enough to just plan loosely, you need to define concrete dates to accomplish it. This will ensure that you have greater control, especially when organizing your belongings, requesting services to be turned off and on, and planning your meals on days when your appliances are turned off.


Starting by setting a date for your move will, above all, guarantee a date for you to have everything ready, and allowing you to plan for any unexpected situations that may occur. Starting by planning on paper is essential.

2. Make a checklist

The checklist can be one of the most effective tools to ensure you don't forget any details when moving. Take a piece of notebook paper, write down everything that needs to be done and draw a circle next to each sentence. For each achievement, put a tick inside the circle, to remind you that it was done.


This will be your moving control sheet, and on it you can make sure that you are not forgetting any essential details. Describe in your checklist everything from large details to minimal details, such as storing your toothbrushes and hair cream in the boxes. This will definitely ensure that you are taking everything.

3. Pack everything in advance

Don't leave packing your items at the last minute. The ideal is to classify them by categories, from the most necessary to the least necessary, and pack them in that order. Start with the least necessary ones, leaving the most necessary ones for last, thus ensuring that you can still use them easily.


Perishable items, personal items and some clothes can be left last, or separate them into backpacks or returnable bags. This will give you greater mobility and practicality when transporting them to their new home. Be very careful with perishables that require refrigeration, the ideal is to transport them in a styrofoam container.

4. Reduce purchasing volume

In the days leading up to your move, reduce the volume of grocery purchases. This will certainly make your move easier, as pantry and ice cream items are one of the biggest problems when transporting, and as adapting to the new house can take a few days, they run the risk of spoiling.


If you usually do monthly shopping, the ideal is that you only make loose purchases according to the needs of the day, and leave it to make a more robust meal in the new environment, guaranteeing the quality of the food and avoiding waste.

Change requires advance planning.

Planning, willingness and action!

Change can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. These ideas can make it easier for you and help you get through this moment of new expectations.
and new air in a lighter and planned way, without unforeseen events or problems, guaranteeing well-being and a light change for you and your family.


Planning, idealization and finally, getting your hands dirty in advance will provide you with a much smoother change, all done
It flows better in advance. Pay attention to the details and don't let even a toothbrush go unnoticed. Your change can be much more dynamic this way.