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The best credit cards with no annual fee for you

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Knowing that you are only paying for your consumption exponentially increases your experience purchasing with the card.


Having a credit card on hand nowadays is almost an obligation. Shopping on the internet or even in physical stores becomes much more hassle-free with a credit card, which allows us to pay in installments and make large purchases fit into our pockets without complicating ourselves financially.

Today we have prepared for you a brief list of some cards that can serve you if they charge a monthly maintenance fee, the famous annual fee, which can become a headache for users. Many companies are heavy-handed when charging the annual fee and this ends up making it difficult to pay invoices on the correct date.


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Counting on an annual fee-free credit card means knowing that you won't have any surprises when making the payment. Users often end up being surprised when paying the bill and seeing that the annual fee exceeded their expectations. For good financial planning, small mistakes are fatal.

By choosing a credit card free of this possibility, you can know the exact amounts of your bill, plan effectively and comply with this plan. An annual fee-free credit card does not mean that it will not have quality service and high efficiency.

Quite the opposite. You can be sure that the best credit options on the market no longer require annual fees and still manage to maintain excellent service and quality products and financial possibilities for their customers. See the main credit cards with no annual fee for you.

BB Ourocard Card

When it comes to a reference credit card with no annual fee, BB Ourocard is the first on our list. It is a credit card that offers satisfactory limits and infinite possibilities, in addition to the quality service you will receive both in branches and online channels.

Buy as you wish and pay in installments within your means with your Ourocard and don't have any surprises when paying your invoice. Banco do Brasil aims to deliver the best credit card experience to its customers and retain them through competence.

PicPay Card

When you become a PicPay credit card customer, you have a card full of benefits that will provide you with countless promotions and cashbacks, in addition to not paying an annual fee. You will be putting money in your pocket by embracing the possibilities that the PicPay card can provide you.

Pay your invoice, bills or even a pix in installments without worrying through your PicPay wallet, which becomes even more cost-benefit when you sign up for the PicPay card. You can make different types of transactions with your credit card and even receive rewards for using your wallet.



When it comes to a card full of benefits and no annual fee, Digio always stands out. With infinite possibilities, you will never be surprised by unexpected amounts when paying your invoice. Your payment will only be for your consumption, without any maintenance fee being charged.

As soon as you request your Digio credit card and receive feedback, you can start using it, whether for online or in-person purchases. It is important to note that you will never be charged any fees for maintenance or extra services on your Digio credit card at any time.


C6 Bank

In addition to not paying an annual fee with C6 Bank, you have a highly flexible credit card that also allows you to earn points that can be exchanged for cashback or discounts at the C6 store. Any purchase with your credit card does not incur extra fees.

The C6 card is ideal for those who like uncomplicated transactions, having a fast and optimized application for those who like to make payments in the simplest way possible. By having a C6 account and card you will not pay annual or maintenance fees and have the right to make as many transactions as you want.


The best options on the market are here

If you want to have a secure, annual fee-free credit card in your wallet, you've come to the right place. The options above will not charge you any fees and you are assured that you will only pay for your purchases without any catches or unpleasant surprises at the end.

Requesting a credit card from the financial institutions above is quick and easy, you just need to access the official website to send your personal information for credit analysis. How about having an annual fee-free credit card in your wallet? This is the time!

Common questions:

What is a credit card with no annual fee?

A no-annual-fee credit card is a type of credit card that does not charge an annual fee for using the card. These cards are designed to offer users the convenience of credit without the added expense of an annual fee.

What are the advantages of a credit card with no annual fee?

The main advantages of a no annual fee credit card include saving money as there is no annual cost associated with the card, greater financial flexibility and, in many cases, these cards also offer additional benefits such as cash rewards, points or miles.

Who can qualify for a credit card with no annual fee?

Qualification criteria for a no-annual-fee credit card may vary depending on the card issuer and card type. Typically, issuers evaluate an applicant's credit history, income and other financial information to determine whether they are eligible for the card.

Are there fees associated with credit cards with no annual fee?

While no-annual-fee credit cards don't charge an annual fee, there may still be other fees associated, such as interest rates on unpaid balances, cash advance fees, international transaction fees, and more. It's important to read the card's terms and conditions to understand all applicable fees.

What precautions should I take when using a credit card with no annual fee?

When using a credit card with no annual fee, it's important to manage your finances responsibly. This includes paying your monthly bills in full and on time to avoid interest and maintain a good credit history. Furthermore, it is essential to monitor your transactions regularly and take immediate action if you detect suspicious activity on your account.