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Pay bill with Nubank credit card

More and more, there are new possibilities to pay a boleto. And here in this article, you will find out if it is possible to make the payment with the Nubank card.


Nubank is a company that is becoming more present in the financial market, gradually winning people over.

One of the main reasons for having so many customers is mainly due to its safety, agility and practicality.


However, here in this article, you will find more details about Nubank, and also about this payment method.


Just reinforcing what was said above, here we will describe a little more about what Nubank is, in addition to explaining how it works.

Since 2013, Nubank has been presenting the best services in terms of finance.

It is an online service, that is, in order for them to have access to its tools, services and advantages, they must have the application installed on their smartphones, whose system can vary between Android and IOS. The same will be available in its application store, which are respectively: App Store and Google Play.

From this platform, we can view, analyze and, above all, manage your credit card, provided by the financial institution.

All this development came with the intention of helping its customers to get rid of all the bureaucracy they are submitted to, when hiring the service of a common bank. In it, everything can be resolved in the palm of your hand, without the need to leave your home, or wherever you are.

It has been so successful that today it is already considered the largest independent digital bank in the world, that is, without the need to “rely” on any physical bank, it has already managed to establish itself at this level.

This is just proof that the services performed by him are completely reliable, in case there is any doubt.


The solution for many who need to pay certain bills urgently, but do not have the necessary cash on hand, is the credit card.

Among the many available, there is the Nubank credit card, which, as it has several advantages, would possibly make this option available to its customers.

However, this alternative is not available for the Nubank credit card. But that doesn't mean that there isn't another way to pay the boletos through itself.

The other alternative we refer to is through the balance available in your Nubank account, the account is digital, and does not charge any additional fees, but in addition to paying slips, it is also possible to make transfers.


As already explained above, it is not possible to pay bills with a Nubank credit card, however, there are other cards that have this function.

So, if you decide to pay the bill with your credit card, the first thing you should do is check if your card has the function you want.

Then, see if you need to pay an extra amount for the function to be used.

After you have already done this small analysis, you need to choose between the 3 following alternatives:

  1. Internet banking: access your account, which must be installed on your cell phone, and then click on the “payment” option, then choose “credit card”, finally, enter your password.
  2. Through the app: in order to request this option, you must previously authorize your device to carry out such a service. In some institutions, you even need to talk to the bank manager.
  3. Calling the call center: if the bank, responsible for your card, offers the option to pay slips through it, you can contact them, so that this act can be carried out.

Just reinforcing what has already been said, it is not possible to pay the bill using a Nubank credit card.

The alternatives presented above do not refer to any specific bank.