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Picpay credit card: Find out how to request yours

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See how the PicPay Credit Card can transform your experience with a digital wallet from one day to the next.


PicPay, which was initially intended to be just a digital wallet, ended up evolving and bringing users many possibilities for financial services, ensuring comfort, security and agility in transactions. PicPay is a Brazilian 100% company, which has been taking up a lot of space in the market and gaining more customer loyalty every day around the world.

Among the service possibilities within the application, there is the option of a credit card, bringing a versatility proposal for its users, and real-time monitoring. Many users have chosen to apply for their PicPay credit cards, which led us to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of being a PicPay customer.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the PicPay Credit Card

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a credit card before submitting your application is essential, as this prevents you from encountering surprises along the way. Thoroughly analyze each advantage and disadvantage of the credit card before even applying for it and study whether a particular card is ideal for your consumption pattern.

The PicPay credit card is one of the best on the market today, mainly because it offers mobility and centralizes its operations in the application, providing better visibility for the customer and mainly greater security for those who are still afraid of using virtual banks. You can track your transactions in real time and with quick notifications.

We have separated for you three advantages and three disadvantages of having a PicPay credit card based on the experience of other users, which will help you decide if this is the ideal card for your lifestyle and consumption pattern. But if you're already sure that PicPay is the ideal card for you, request yours using the button below!

Order your PicPay card with credit function through the app.

Advantages of having a PicPay credit card

Two ways to get credit

Picpay, aiming to retain more and more users, offers two ways for you to get your credit card: the pre-approved limit and the guaranteed limit. In the first option, the user receives credit based on their financial history and after consultations with credit analysis. In the guaranteed limit option, where you transform your account limit into credit.

Choose, within your specifications and within your consumption pattern and current financial situation, which of the two formats makes the most sense for you and your budget and be sure to analyze both options before filling out the request form. A credit card is undoubtedly a long-term decision that requires early analysis of the pros and cons.

Accumulate points and benefits

Using the PicPay credit card you accumulate points to exchange for discounts, in addition to being a benefits card. The more you use it, the more discounts you will receive in supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and other PicPay partner establishments! Buy a lot and pay much cheaper!

When you enter the PicPay app you will see that several companies are partners and you will save much more money than you imagine with the coupons and cashbacks that, together with PicPay, they can give you. See how accumulating points with your credit card can be easy and you can use the points and cashbacks to earn even more discounts on future purchases.

More security in transactions

With the Picpay credit card you have twice the security of your transactions: you don't need to take your card with you everywhere, because all transactions can be made directly from your cell phone! Pay by credit, debit, buy online and in physical establishments without needing your card in hand!

Be notified via your cell phone of all financial transactions that occur with your account and card and see how safe it can be to centralize your finances on PicPay. PicPay notifies you of every suspicious transaction and you can see in real time if any suspicious activity is carried out using your data and the balance of your account and card.

Ease of carrying out quick transactions.

Disadvantages of having a PicPay credit card

High fees

Even though it has many features, PicPay's interest rates are a little high compared to other credit cards. Fees for receipt, especially if you choose to receive it immediately (in case of receipt of payment). The fees are significant, which can mean high values depending on your transaction limit.

Before carrying out any transaction within the application, we recommend that you check the interest rates applied and make sure that they will not have a negative impact on your pocket at the end of the month. Often, no matter how small the fees are, they can accumulate and end up causing losses for the customer in the end. Analyze the fees before finalizing transactions.

Only one withdrawal per month

Another disadvantage of PicPay in relation to other digital banks is that the user is entitled to only one withdrawal per month via ATM, meaning that the majority of transactions are digital. Many users are still adapting to this type of 100% online model, which can be a hindrance when opting for the PicPay credit card.

If you are the type of customer who likes to make withdrawals several times a month and always have cash on hand, we recommend that you rethink using PicPay to centralize the amounts you intend to withdraw. As a digital wallet, PicPay will always make online transactions twice as easy, making users not want to have cash on hand.

Strict approval

The PicPay credit card may not be one of the easiest and most accessible for all users. It relies on a rigorous credit analysis, and several issues are taken into consideration before offering credit. For those of you looking for a credit card without bureaucracy, this may not be the best option on your list.

Before applying for a PicPay credit card, we recommend that you access the Serasa Experian portal and check the status of your CPF and score. Often, no matter how small the restriction, PicPay does not approve your request and this ends up harming you even more, lowering your score and making it difficult for you to obtain credit elsewhere.

The card with the most facilities for its users.

It's time to put it on the scale!

We have clearly brought to you the advantages and disadvantages that the Picpay credit card brings, and it is worth it for each user to analyze calmly and decide whether they want to officially join Picpay as their official digital wallet or not. PicPay has become more popular with each passing day, and many establishments have already adopted the payment method.

It should be noted that the Picay credit card has no annual fee, that is, you are free to use it whenever you want and do not pay a fee if you do not use it. Unfortunately, the card does not yet have an airline miles program, which is a highly requested criterion for most traditional credit card users. 

Common questions:

What is PicPay?

PicPay is a Brazilian digital payments platform that allows users to carry out financial transactions simply and quickly via mobile devices. It offers several features, such as bill payment, transfers between users, cell phone recharge, among others.

How does PicPay work?

PicPay works as a digital wallet, where users can register their credit, debit cards or make bank transfers to add balance to their account. With the available balance, it is possible to make payments to commercial establishments, make transfers between users and even receive cashback on some transactions.

What are the fees involved in using PicPay?

Generally, PicPay does not charge fees for transfers between users, bill payments and cell phone top-ups. However, there are fees involved in some operations, such as bank account withdrawals and balance top-up via credit card. These fees may vary depending on the amount and payment method chosen.

Is it safe to use PicPay?

PicPay uses industry standard security measures, such as data encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect users' information. Furthermore, transactions are protected by anti-fraud systems. However, it is important that users are aware of security practices, such as not sharing passwords and verifying information before carrying out transactions.

What are the benefits of using PicPay?

Among the benefits of using PicPay are the convenience of making payments and transfers quickly and simply, the possibility of receiving cashback on some transactions, the practicality of not needing to carry physical cash and the availability of various features, such as cell phone recharge and bill payment, in a single application.