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Riachuelo Card: order yours and enjoy a wealth of benefits on a single credit card.

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One of the fastest approved cards on the market has arrived for you. Find out why you should choose the Riachuelo card to call yours and get an answer today. 


The Riachuelo card is becoming more popular every day on the market due to the possibility of purchasing both inside and outside Riachuelo stores, with the same advantages offered by a traditional credit card. Riachuelo card customers have been highlighting more and more advantages about the card on the internet.

The Riachuelo credit card has two versions, featuring a Visa or Mastercard brand and can be used in any establishments that accept these brands. The card can be issued in the basic version or in the Gold version, depending on the credit analysis of the requesting customer.


Benefits of the Riachuelo Card

You will never be left stranded again with a Riachuelo credit card in your wallet. The benefits are many and you enjoy the best shopping inside and outside Riachuelo stores. Buy as much as you want online with your card and receive many discounts at partner establishments and especially when consuming on the Riachuelo website and physical stores.

You receive a quick response to your request and know your limit on the same day. Your card arrives at your home in a few days, allowing you to go shopping and take advantage of the discounts that the Riachuelo card offers to its customers. With the virtual card you can start purchasing on the same day you receive your feedback, through the Riachuelo app.

The Riachuelo Card offers many benefits to its customers, and has generated more and more desire among those who need a practical card, with low interest and easy payment, all in one place, in addition to receiving extra special discounts for purchasing within Riachuelo. See some benefits of having a Riachuelo credit card:

Have up to three additional cards

You can request up to 3 additional cards without paying anything extra for it, sharing your total limit with your dependents, making everyone entitled to offers and discounts provided inside and outside the stores, and the same payment facilities, both for the card main and additional ones.

With Riachuelo, you and your entire family enjoy a credit card with a satisfactory limit, and each person has their own card. Add up to 3 dependents and share your limit with your family and friends. Riachuelo offers the best experience when sharing credit and you can track the invoice through your device.

No annual fee in the basic version

If your Riachuelo credit card is issued in the basic version, you will not pay any annual fee to maintain it, that is, if you do not use the card for a month, you will not pay any amount. Pay only for what you consume and have more benefits with the basic version, if it is ideal to meet your needs as a consumer.

If you opt for a more complete version with a higher limit, you have other options that also offer an affordable annual fee, which does not have a negative impact on the closing of your invoice. Make the most of your card with a higher limit and without paying an unreasonably high annual fee, even with a more complete card.

Access in the palm of your hand

You have the right to control your expenses, invoices, withdrawals and additional limits directly from your cell phone! The application is optimized and seeks to deliver the best possible experience for customers, with an easy and intuitive interface, which guarantees quick queries and real-time access to transactions. With Riachuelo you have full-time control of your finances.

If you prefer, Riachuelo also offers support via telephone and you can ask your questions directly to specialized attendants, prepared to explain how the card works, go into detail about your invoice, among other topics. You will never be without understanding how your card works and closely monitor your expenses with Riachuelo at your disposal.

Approves customers with low scores

If your CPF doesn't have many transactions and you have some difficulty obtaining credit, know that the Riachuelo card is ideal for you, and will provide you with ease when it comes to approval. To be approved for the Riachuelo credit card you don't need much, just have proof of income even if it isn't high.

You also have quick approval, which is one of the highlights of the Riachuelo card. Find out on the same day whether your credit request was approved and receive your card within a few days. You can start using your virtual card as soon as you gain access to the card application for the first time, and if you release it, it will already be enabled for online purchases.

Viva Moda Program

As it is a department store card, the Riachuelo credit card gives you many exclusive discounts within Riachuelo stores, and you participate in the Viva Moda program, which is an in-store program that transforms your accumulated points into shopping vouchers to use inside Riachuelo. In other words, buy more and pay less in stores.

To buy with your Riachuelo card inside the official canvas you receive significant discounts, so it's worth seeing on the labels how much you, as a Riachuelo customer, will be paying for each piece. Discounts are also valid on the official Riachuelo website, and you receive special conditions to pay with your credit card.

Transform your shopping moment with the Riachuelo card.

Fast approval and quality!

The Riachuelo card has quick approval and easy credit analysis, which ensures that its customers have great purchasing power inside and outside Riachuelo stores, taking advantage of all the discounts and offers that the credit card can offer!

To request the Riachuelo credit card, simply access the button above and you will be redirected. Fill in the data and wait for the analysis. Once approved, you can now start enjoying the benefits that the Riachuelo credit card will offer you! Enjoy and order yours now! 

Common questions:

To apply for the Riachuelo credit card, you can go to a physical Riachuelo store with your personal documents (RG, CPF, proof of residence and proof of income) and request directly at the service desk. It is also possible to make the request online, on the official Riachuelo website.

The benefits of the Riachuelo card include exclusive discounts on in-store purchases, participation in points programs to exchange for products, special payment conditions, promotions and access to exclusive events, depending on the card category.

Riachuelo credit card rates and fees may vary according to the type of card and the customer's profile. It is important to check the detailed information at the time of the request, such as the annual fee, interest for paying the invoice in installments, withdrawal fees and fees for issuing a second copy of the invoice.

Riachuelo's points program, called “ModaCard”, allows you to accumulate points for each purchase made with your credit card. These points can be exchanged for discounts or products within Riachuelo stores.

Payment for the Riachuelo credit card can be made via bank slip, debit account, internet banking or directly at Riachuelo stores. There are generally minimum and full payment options for the invoice, with interest being charged if the customer opts for the minimum payment.