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Find out how to apply for your SX Credit Card

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Have the best credit solution in an uncomplicated way in the palm of your hand today.


One of the best options for those looking for a simple credit card without a lot of bureaucracy is certainly the SX. It is easy to request and Santander promotes quick approval, allowing you to use your benefits as soon as possible and pay much less on your purchases.

Count on hassle-free payments, send and receive money without extra fees and make it easy to pay your invoice. With SX you have a little bit of everything with no fees and you can have a functional card without compromising your entire income. Find out how to request an account opening together with your SX credit card.


See the step-by-step guide to apply for your SX credit card

It is important that before starting your request, you carefully read the SX credit card home page and enter your information correctly. Ideally, you should make your request from a mobile device to send your photos with higher quality.

You will also need to reserve space in your cell phone's memory to download the application and start your request. The SX card+conta application is very light and you can download it from any Wi-Fi network or even a mobile network quickly.

Get ready to have the fastest account opening and credit card application of your life, as Santander promises intuitive and quick feedback, allowing the user to start enjoying the benefits as soon as they are approved. See more details on how to request your Santander financial products.

Get the app

First of all, you will need to download the Santander app from your cell phone's official app store. The bank's app is available for Android and IOS and is not paid, you can download it for free at no additional cost. When downloading, make sure the application will work correctly.

If the application presents errors, we recommend that you reinstall it to avoid errors during your financial request. Make sure that once installed, the application will work smoothly and the home screen will appear correctly for you. Do not enter your information before confirming these points.

Complete your request

It is important that you set aside time in your day to fill out your credit card account opening request. Santander needs you to enter accurate data for better analysis and mainly to know which limits fit your request.

Have your documentation on hand, especially your identity or driver's license, as well as your address and, if possible, proof of income. The more accurate information you provide, the greater the chances of high limits being granted to you and better financial benefits.

Submit your request

Make sure all your details have been entered correctly as per your information. Especially check your spelling and make sure everything is written correctly, as even the slightest mistake could result in your request being rejected and you having to fill out everything again.

Once you are sure that everything is in order, send your request and wait for feedback from the bank, which usually comes by email. It is important that you enter an email that you use frequently to be notified as soon as your account is approved. Keep your email always up to date.

Receive feedback

Santander usually provides quick feedback and notifies its customers as soon as the account+card is released for use. You will probably have your answer in less than 24 hours, and within 10 days your physical card will be in your hands. But don't worry, you can use your virtual card.

If for any reason your request is denied, see the recommendations that arrived in the email and send your proposal. That's why it's important to check the data before sending, so don't miss step 3 and make sure everything is filled out according to your documentation.

A powerful card in your hands

The SX Card will give you enormous autonomy and provide you with better financial possibilities. When you become a Santander customer you have an account to quickly centralize your financial operations, send and receive money at no additional cost and have a powerful credit card.

Send your proposal today to become an SX credit card customer and see how easy it can be to have a card full of benefits and a satisfactory limit in your pocket. What do you think about applying for your SX credit card today?

Common questions:

What is the SX card?

The SX card is a product offered by the Nubank digital bank, a premium version of its credit card. It offers a series of additional benefits compared to the standard card, such as access to VIP lounges at airports, a more advantageous points program and other exclusive services.

What are the main benefits of the SX card?

In addition to the benefits of the standard Nubank credit card, such as the absence of annual fees and ease of management through the application, the SX card offers additional advantages, such as access to VIP lounges at airports, a points program with faster accumulation and cashback on selected purchases .

What are the requirements to obtain the SX card?

The requirements to obtain the SX card are similar to those for the standard Nubank credit card. The interested party must be over 18 years old, reside in Brazil and undergo a bank credit analysis. Furthermore, the availability of the SX card may vary according to Nubank's credit granting policy.

Does the SX card have an annual fee?

Yes, the SX card has an annual fee. However, this annual fee is charged differently compared to the standard card. The annual fee may vary and is subject to the conditions offered by Nubank.

How do I apply for the SX card?

Requesting the SX card can be done through the Nubank app, just like requesting a standard credit card. Interested parties need to download the application, create an account and follow the instructions to request the SX card. After filling in the necessary information, the bank will carry out a credit analysis and inform you of the card's availability.