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Santander Free Fire – How to create an account

Few people know that Banco Santander is the official bank of the Brazilian free fire league. In this way, players may be benefiting from various rewards within the game itself.


However, it is still common that they do not know about all the benefits that being part of Santander bank can offer. We are talking about the Free Fire Santander.

How about learning now the step by step to open an account and redeem your rewards?


Banco Santander also allows you to open your account over the Internet, without the need to download the application, which makes it much easier.

free fire

The action-adventure mobile game developed by the Vietnamese company 111 dots Studios and published by Garena is known worldwide, especially among children and teenagers.

Since December 2017, in addition to being suitable for smartphones running the main Android and iOS operating systems, Free Fire has been known for its battle royale type, which is increasingly used in gaming environments.

While it's a very competitive shooter, it's important to have fun and enjoy everything the game has to offer.

It is important to note that Free Fire is a somewhat violent game and only people over 14 can use it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in Brazil and many other countries.

A little more about Santander bank

It is difficult to find in Brazil anyone who has never heard of Santander. Third largest private bank in the country, it is a force that provides services to all states.

Santander was founded in Spain in 1857 and has become one of the largest banks in the world over the years.

Santander has been present in Brazil since 1982 and has a broad structure in the country's five regions. Its performance is divided into two main structures

How to open a bank account at Santander

The process of opening a Santander bank account is very easy, and you can do it in 5 minutes just using your cell phone.

Step by step for account opening

1st You must access the Banco Santander's official website

2nd Enter your CPF and click on “Open your account”.

3rd Some data will be requested. Therefore, enter everything necessary correctly and press “continue”.

4th In this step you will need to confirm the phone number that was entered in the previous step. All you have to do is enter the 6-digit code you received via SMS.

5th After that, you will have to choose a plan for your account. The free plan contains 4 monthly withdrawals which will be enough to receive your diamonds.

6th Complete your profile by entering the missing data requested.

7th  The bank will request a selfie holding your RG or your CNH, just take it and send it.

8th Check that all data that has been entered is correct and proceed

9th Some tools and services will be provided, such as credit card and mobile credit. If you are interested, you can join any of them.

10th Read the terms of use and accept if you agree with the options.

All ready! Your account is already open at Banco Santander. Just wait for approval, and that's usually quick.

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How to redeem diamonds in Free Fire Santander

Now our article is starting to become more interesting. It's time to earn some diamonds in Free Fire.

As a Banco Santander customer, there are two ways to earn diamonds:

How about also learning how to apply for your Santander card to earn diamonds in Free fire Santander?

monthly payments

To participate in this promotion, you need to register your CPF and cell phone with the Pix key of your Santander account.

Just do that and you'll easily earn 600 diamonds. After that, just keep your PIX key registered and transfer via pix for at least 1 month.

This will guarantee you more than 50 diamonds per month. In other words, you can earn up to 1,200 diamonds a year.

1 million diamonds raffle

Register the Pix key with 600 diamonds You can use your Santander SX credit card to participate in the 1 million diamond lottery with 600 diamonds that month.

So give yourself a lucky number and you can enter 2 draws for 1 million diamonds.

Advantages of opening your Santander account

  • Proof of income is not required.
  • Account opening can be 100% online by cell phone.
  • Possibility of contracting a credit card along with the account.
  • Customer choice of a fee package or opt for the free package.
  • 10 interest-free days, consecutive or alternating, for all customers with the limit of their account with Santander Master.
  • Up to 50% discount on partners through the Santander Esfera program.
  • Possibility of converting tariffs into bonuses on the cell phone.
  • Deposits of checks or cash at ATMs.
  • Payments of bills, bank slips, top-ups and taxes via internet banking or application.
  • Notifications of purchases and transactions by SMS message.
  • Way app to manage all cards.
  • Registration of automatic debit accounts.
  • Withdrawals at Banco Santander and Banco 24horas ATMs.
  • Payments of bills and slips by DDA.