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Request your Commerzbank credit card today

Have the best financial products in the palm of your hand with Banco Commerzbank. Have high credit limits, realize your dreams of purchasing your own home or business and even apply for loans quickly. See more advantages of being a Commerzbank customer.

High limit:

Being a Commerzbank customer means knowing that you will have a credit card in your wallet with the best limits available on the market according to your financial analysis. Enjoy Commerzbank limits!

Free account and card:

The Bank does not charge any account issuance or opening fees, that is, be a Commerzbank customer without worrying about possible fees and charges to keep your finances centralized.

Make your dreams come true:

At Commerzbank you can make your dreams come true, whether it's about owning your own home or opening a big business. Commerzbank gives you all the support you need and gives you longer deadlines so you don't get stuck and achieve your goals.

Become a Commerzbank customer:

To request your account and credit card opening, click the button below and be redirected to a page where we show the advantages of Commerzbank financial products, and also where to request.

By clicking the button you will remain on the website!

The bank's analysis is fast and intuitive, allowing you, the customer, to have quick access to the contracted product after instant approval. Invest your money the right way and see it pay off and increase with the products and advice from Commerzbank bank experts.