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Get access to travel insurance from Banco N26!

Banco N26 provides unique travel insurance for its customers, guaranteeing coverage from minimal cases to more extreme moments where the customer may need to stay due to flight delays. See why you should subscribe to Banco N26 travel insurance.

24-hour assistance:

With travel insurance from Banco N26 you will never be alone again. You can count on 24-hour assistance, legal assistance and other types of assistance necessary to resolve any situations that may arise during your trip. If you don't know what to do, call N26 customer service and receive assistance from a specialist.

Insurance for your luggage:

Even your luggage is protected with Banco N26 insurance. Never lose out again if there is any irresponsibility on the part of the airline or bus company, as Banco N26 also protects your luggage and will refund your money if this type of unforeseen event happens.

If your trip is cancelled:

You get a cash refund if you spend time traveling and scheduling a trip and it doesn't happen. Banco N26 understands that it can be frustrating to go through this type of situation, and in order not to leave you at a loss, you will be refunded in cash depending on some issues. Consult before subscribing to any plan.

How to request your N26 travel insurance:

Click on the button below to request your travel insurance from Banco N276 and never have to face situations that can turn your long-awaited moment into something frustrating and exhausting. Find out more using the button below.

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If you travel frequently, taking out Banco N26 insurance means knowing that you will never again face any emergencies during your trips, as all of them will be resolved by your bank. Choose the N26 insurance that best suits your travel needs according to your needs.