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The 5 best app versions to simulate a tattoo: choose yours!

If you want to get a tattoo, there are some apps that can be very useful to help you with this process. Through them, you can simulate the design on the skin beforehand and make the actual application, which is a good alternative to eliminate doubts about position and size. Below we list the 5 best versions of app to simulate tattoo.


The 5 best versions and app to simulate a tattoo: choose yours!

1. Tattoo my photo 2.0 [ android / iOS ]

Tattoo My Photo 2.0 is available free of charge for both Android and iPhone (iOS). This one app to simulate tattoo It has a very simple interface, as well as great features for people who are fans of tattoos. Tattoo My Photo 2.0 allows the user to choose between different designs, which are divided by category, in addition to the possibility of creating their own personalized designs. It allows the user to insert images, which can be taken on the spot or saved on the cell phone.


The gallery of tattoos in this application is very complete, but to view certain images, it is necessary to watch some ads or purchase the Pro version, which currently costs R$19.90/year. With the editing tools, you can erase parts of the drawing, in addition to controlling colors, saturation, height and width, for example. That is, Tattoo My Photo 2.0 can be considered a app to simulate tattoo very complete!

2. InkHunter [ android / iOS ]

This one app to simulate tattoo is considered one of the best simulators that exist on the market. It is available free of charge for Android and iPhone (iOS). InkHunter stands out for offering the user augmented reality. That is, in addition to applying the design in question, the app also makes the necessary adjustments according to the skin's curves.

Another great highlight of this app is certainly its gallery with drawings created by great renowned artists in the market, in addition to offering users the possibility of uploading their own images. This app is entirely in English, however, it has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use. InkHunter continues to be an interesting option for app to simulate tattoo for those who test a design before leaving for the final process.

3. 3D tattoo drawing app [ android ]

This one app to simulate tattoo, just as the name suggests, offers 3D tattoo designs. In this way, the user can get an idea of how a drawing would actually look on his skin.

Although 3D is a major highlight of this application, it also offers other features to the user, in the same way as other apps in this category, such as, for example, delivering common drawings, filters and, in addition, the possibility of creating Text tattoos. We can say that 3D Tattoo Design App is also one of the most interesting options for app to simulate tattoo.

4. Tattoo yourself [ iOS ]

Tattoo You is another app to simulate tattoo which delivers drawings made by renowned artists to users, but unlike other apps, it provides few images for free. 

They can be applied to photos from the cell phone gallery or taken on the fly with the camera. We always recommend paying attention to the resolution and quality of the image to ensure a “more real” result.

A point that may be negative for some users is that even though the editing tools, packages and fonts are available for free, most tattoos are paid. However, if you are willing to test the features, Tattoo You can be an interesting app, as it offers features that are worth mentioning, such as rotation control, transparency, size, colors, blurring, and many others.

5. Tattoo AR [ android ]

AR Tatto's proposal is very similar to that of InkHunter. This app is also focused on augmented reality. The app has a large gallery of tattoos with the most varied themes, but when compared to others in the category, it is at a disadvantage because it does not offer the user editing tools, for example. That is, it is possible to just download the image or share it on social networks.

On the other hand, a positive point is that in this app to simulate tattoo there are no ads, so no annoying interruptions that get in the way of the user experience. Overall, we can say that AR Tattoo is a simple app, but one that does a good job of simulating tattoos in augmented reality.

Okay, now that you know 5 tattoo simulation apps, just choose your preferred option. Please note that these apps are for reference purposes only. That is, if you want to have an accurate result of the chosen design, the best thing to do is to look for a tattoo artist you trust to do an analysis and show you how the tattoo can look on the skin.

Discover other options app to simulate tattoo

There are still other application options to simulate tattoo  which are also worth noting. If you want to open your range of options, go to your cell phone's application store and search for app to simulate tattoo. In this search, several options of ranked apps will appear according to the score given by the user. That is, those with between 4 and 5 stars!

If you still have doubts about which one to download, it's worth checking the ratings given by users. Download, take the test and try it out!

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