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The 6 best app options to watch soap operas: choose yours!

If you are a soap opera fan, today is your lucky day! In this article you will know the main versions of application to watch soap operas  online, via application installed on your cell phone or TV! Continue reading and check out our list!


The 6 best app options to watch soap operas: choose yours!

1- Globoplay: the best app to watch soap operas

Speaking of soap operas, certainly the Globoplay is our biggest highlight! This streaming is the most suitable among options for application to watch soap operas. Globoplay is TV Globo's digital content platform. It contains all the content produced by the station.


In the exclusive content of the Globoplay app, you can find episodes of current soap operas and works that have been an absolute success with the audience in recent years, such as Tieta, Caminho das Índias, O Clone, Avenida Brasil, among others. 

A great novelty of this application to watch soap operas is that now you can watch soap operas that were international success, such as, for example, Marimar, A Usurpadora and Maria do Bairro. 

To subscribe to Globoplay, you have the option of choosing some types of plan, with only the option of traditional Globoplay or Globoplay + live channels.

To watch the full content of TV Globo + streaming series and movies, the monthly subscription fee is R$21.90. However, to have access to the station's complete schedule + the Globosat live channels, the value will be R$49.90.

Get 3 free months of Globoplay and watch live programming 

If you want to watch TV Globo programming totally free and with full coverage, just click in this linek here and complete your registration. After that, you will receive a coupon to use 3 months of Globo Play completely free!

For to go down this app, just access your cell phone's app store, and then search for 'Globoplay', and after that, click on 'install'. Ready! Log in and watch your favorite programming!

2- SBT Video: another highlight among the app options for watching soap operas

another good application to watch soap operas it's SBT videos. Recently launched, the platform allows the user to have access to the station's entire programming grid after registering. In addition, it is also possible to watch the main soap operas transmitted by the channel. 

SBT Videos features famous titles from the broadcaster, such as Carinha de Anjo, Te I give life and Tomorrow is forever.

If you want to download this application to watch soap operas, just access the official website of SBT and, after that, click on “install the app”. You can also download the app directly from your phone's app store.

3- Netflix

Netflix, although famous for series and movie titles, also has soap operas in its catalog, including Carinha de Anjo and Carrossel, which are some of the titles available. 

The platform's basic plan currently costs R$25.90 and entitles the user to an SD-quality screen. In the standard plan, two screens are available, for the value of R$39.90. In the premium subscription, the user has access to four screens with 4K quality costing R$55.90 per month. 

4- Play plus: application to watch Record soap operas

O PlayPlus is Grupo Record's application to watch, in addition to RecordTV programming, other exclusive productions and, of course, from partner channels.

If you want to use this application to watch soap operas, just subscribe to the monthly plan for R$12.90 per month. With this subscription, you will have access to the transmission of reality shows, the station's complete soap opera programming, as well as movies and series from partner channels such as, for example, Disney and WatchESPN.

It is possible to access Record soap operas through the Play Plus website, via Chromecast or an application available for Android and iOS devices.

5 – NOW

NET NOW is the operator NET's video platform, and is exclusive to NET TV, NET Combo, Claro Pós Pago and Claro TV customers.

Through NOW, it is possible to watch the various contents included in the subscription TV plan whenever and wherever you want. The contents range from soap operas, to films, TV programs and documentaries.

In addition to open content, you can also rent the latest movie titles. 

6 – DirecTV Go: app to watch soap operas, movies and games

This one application to watch soap operas It has a very diverse content grid. The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platform has more than 70 closed and open channels of series and movies and, in addition, broadcasts games in real time.

DirecTV Go allows the user to watch TV online through open, a la carte and closed TV channels. This app also has a wide catalog of on-demand content, that is, it works similarly to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Globo Play, among others.

We hope this article has helped you choose the best version of application to watch soap operas! Know that there are other options for applications in the category that can be found in your cell phone's application store. Just access it, search for application to watch soap operas and evaluate the search results.

And if you like to always stay on top of news about apps, be sure to visit and learn about our category dedicated to this subject!