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Tracking Your Phone by Operating System


Android and iOS operating systems offer features that allow you to track your smartphone in case of loss. Learn how to use these effective tools to increase your chances of getting your device back.



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To track an Android smartphone, you must use the Find My Device (or Find Your Phone) feature, which is the tool provided by Google to locate devices.

This feature uses screens similar to Google Maps to show where the cell phone is, in addition to having tools to sound the alarm, block and clear the smartphone data. The function can be accessed by cell phone and computer.

It is important to remember that to find your device, it has to be turned on, connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi or 4G mobile network), with GPS location activated and with Find My Device activated and downloaded on the cell phone.


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If the cell phone to be found is from the iOS system, it is possible to do this through the option “Find my iPhone”. Its performance is very similar to Google's "Find my device". However, in the case of Apple, it is possible to locate devices even if they are without an internet connection or turned off.

The location option may even be activated automatically after logging into the user's iCloud account, but it is important to check if, in fact, the search is activated. For this you must:

Access the “Settings” part and then enter your Apple ID account;
Click on “Search”;
Enter the “Find iPhone” option and activate all menu options;
Now, the iOS device is enabled to be tracked. And, you can do this both from your computer and from another Apple smartphone. See what to do in each case:

On your computer, go to the icloud website, log in with your account, and click “Find My iPhone”. Enter your Apple ID password, choose the device you want to locate and that's it, you've found the smartphone;
On another iPhone, access the Buscar app (iOS native), choose which device you want to find and, when you click on it, see its location.

In both cases, you can play a sound on your smartphone, activate lost mode (to lock the device) or even clear all iPhone content. In the last option, it will not be possible to locate it after the process.


 Track cell phone with antivirus

Antiviruses installed on cell phones, especially on Android, are also good alternatives for tracking a smartphone. See some options:

McAfee Mobile Security, available for both Android and iOS, is free and can be found in the stores for the respective operating systems;
Lookout Mobile Security, for iOS, has a free version and has location tools and other device recovery options; Avast, for Android, is also free.

Kaspersky, also for Google's operating system and can be downloaded for free.
Whenever you download an antivirus from the Play Store (Android) or Apple Store, see if it has the tracking feature, so it's one more way to locate the smartphone in case of loss.

Track cell phone with specialized apps
In addition to the features of the cell phone manufacturers' own operating system and also antivirus applications that have tracking capabilities, you can still rely on applications that are specialized in locating smartphones. The options are for both iPhones and Android devices. See a list of some of them:


device locator

Device Locator is one of the most complete apps available for iPhone. It is paid, but has important features for locating devices. 


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