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See if there are any debts on your CPF

Do you want to know if you have any debt listed on your CPF? See how to do it!


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It can often happen that our CPF is flagged for some default and we are not notified. With the application that we have selected for you today, you will be able to see all the notes that may exist on your CPF, and make it very clear which debts caused the denial.

We recommend that before any negotiation you contact the company that indicated your CPF and try a direct negotiation, as many companies can offer more attractive offers, where you pay off your debt by paying much less than you expected and keeping your financial health up to date. . The application is supported on Android and IOS devices, and it takes less than 5 minutes to download and register.

You can check your noe directly with your CPF, or if applicable, with your CNPJ, as the app also shows defaulted debts from companies that at some point got into financial trouble. In just a few steps you will be able to see all pending issues in your registration and discuss with companies the best way to resolve and clear your name again.