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See if anyone is spying on you on Whatsapp

Do you suspect if someone is monitoring your Whatsapp? See how to do it!


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Have you ever suspected that your WhatsApp is being spied on by someone? Know that you can take the test just by using Whatsapp on your computer! That's right! There are also applications that can show you if someone else is following your Whatsapp conversations, but it is important to highlight that this is not recommended as it could compromise your account, which could be suspended or even banned in some cases.

It is important to highlight that invasion of privacy by other users is prohibited, so if you have a slight suspicion that you may be being spied on by someone via Whatsapp, change your account's privacy settings, activate end-to-end encryption and also change your cell phone's security settings in order to keep your conversations, data and 100% files safe.

Remember that any invasion of privacy and parallel methods to access third-party accounts are not legally authorized by Whatsapp, so it is important to report any suspicions and contact the application's support team. Read the article on the first button very carefully and see how to know if someone is invading your privacy and reading your private conversations on Whatsapp.