Corinthians x Flamengo 2022: how to watch the final of the Copa do Brasil
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Corinthians x Flamengo 2022: how to watch the final of the Copa do Brasil

Corinthians x Flamengo

Corinthians vs Flamengo? One of the games that promises to be talked about is between Corinthians and Flamengo for the 2022 Copa do Brasil final. The first match will take place on October 12, 2022. The match will take place at Neo Quimica Arena. One way game.


Several users are already looking to find out how to watch this game online and if there is a free option. Keep reading to check out the options and alternatives to watch Corinthians vs Flamengo for the 2022 Copa do Brasil final.

How to watch Corinthians vs Flamengo

Promising to fill the stadium, this match will go down in the history of both clubs. In the more traditional way of watching the match, you can watch it via Open TV, more specifically on Rede Globo de Televisao.


In addition, on Closed TV, the giants' duel will be shown on Sport TV. But don't worry, we're going to teach you how to watch the match online and, on top of that, for free.

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Brazil Cup 2022 online free

The best option to watch on your Smart TV, tablet, smartphone or PC is through Amazon Prime Video. It's a streaming platform that will broadcast the game.

Well, you must be wondering. How do I watch for free if I don't have a subscription? Even if I subscribe, I will still pay, no?

Well, there's the cat jump. You will be able to watch the game without paying anything. Prime Video gives you 30 days free to check out 100% of official Amazon content and derivatives. Therefore, you just need to register, enter your credit card details and log in to the platform on your device.

If you wish to cancel, you will not pay a penny. So it's a way to watch for free.

Watch Corinthians vs Flamengo on Amazon Prime Video here

Alternative on how to watch Corinthians vs Flamengo: Premiere

Premiere is one of the most used game streaming applications in Brazil. This is a good choice if you want to watch the matches of the national team or your favorite club. Premiere is available for Android and iOS, just search for “Premiere” in one of the virtual stores on your smartphone.

It is important to emphasize that Premiere is pay-per-view, that is, you have to pay to see the teams' games. The values are not high, compared to streaming subscriptions, such as Netflix, Amazon or HBO Max, but it does cost. However, if you are a fan who often watches your club, it is worth registering and subscribing to the plan.

In its “Games” tab, it is possible to view the time of the Brazilian championship games and enable notifications to be notified before the match starts, minutes before the game.

And there? Excited for the final confrontation of the Copa do Brasil? Leave your opinion of who will win the game