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Watch movies online: the best apps

To attend online movies, is definitely the entertainment of the moment. Probably not even the best digital entrepreneur would imagine that one day, streaming platforms would be one of the main ways to broadcast movies, soap operas and series, even surpassing the audience of open TV.


Having the possibility to attend online movies anywhere, on more than one device, paying less than pay TV, it really is very attractive. In addition, there are other advantages, such as, for example, the various extensive catalogs, which allow the experience to be even better.

Currently there are several applications to watch online movies, such as the well-known Netflix It is amazon, which, in addition to films and series, also offer their own titles. One downside, however, is that these platforms are paid. But the good news is that in addition to these options, there are also free ones, and that's what you can see in this article!


Watch Movies Online: The Best Apps

The best apps to watch free movies online


One of the top apps for online movies is NetMovies, launched in 2016. It started out as a virtual video store. After that, it started broadcasting via streaming. Within it you can find titles from different categories. In addition, a differential of the app is the possibility of watching it through Smart TVs and YouTube.

pluto tv

Another app that gained prominence is Pluto Tv. On this platform you can watch live programs, in addition, you have access to movie titles and special series. The interface of this app for online movies it is intuitive, which makes navigation much more pleasant for users.

screen reproduction

Spcine Play has a proposal different from other apps to watch online movies. It is the only public platform in Brazil. In the catalog you will find the main exhibitions, in addition to São Paulo film festivals. 

Spcine Play shows in its content streaming, the cultural programming of the city of São Paulo. In its catalog we can find, for example, concerts, performances, as well as shows that can be watched in the comfort of home. 

Find out which are the main online movie platforms


One of the largest in the category for watch movies online, Netflix was the first to offer streaming content, having world-renowned titles in its catalogue. Currently, the platform stands out for its independent productions that, more and more, conquer the hearts of the audience. 


Another giant of the category, and probably Netflix's main competitor. Amazon stands out for its unpublished releases. However, although it has several stories acclaimed by the public, a negative point against the platform is its poor interface, in addition, there are recurring bugs that often hinder navigation.

disney plus

Relatively recently, Disney Plus is another platform for watch movies online It arrived in full force. The app only bets on self-produced titles, as is the case, for example, of Wandavision, a short series that was launched in the wake of the last film in the franchise Avengers. Wandavision achieved audience success and became one of the most commented subjects in the world. twitter


TV Globo's streaming platform features renowned national and international titles. Among films, series and soap operas, it is worth mentioning, for example, titles such as Avenida Brasil, Senhora do Destino, A Usurpadora, Maria do Bairro, in addition to the famous medical series, Grey's Anatomy. 

The biggest highlight of apps to watch online movies, it is certainly the possibility of watching the complete collection of soap operas on the station, that is, reviewing titles that made history in national dramaturgy.  

App prices vary between R$9.90 and R$55.90. Most platforms offer the user the possibility to watch on multiple screens, in addition, it is possible to use individual accounts to divide the subscription. 

Watch movies online in a practical and safe way

With so many good free options on the market, it is possible to watch different titles on the internet without having to consume pirated content, which brings many problems to the user, including viruses.

Streaming platforms to watch online movies they brought with them, in addition to security, another facility: the possibility of watching titles without having to download files and, consequently, taking up space on your computer's storage. In addition, we can also mention the advantage of being able to watch movies offline using the cell phone, if the user wants to download the content.

One last alternative: watch movies online on YouTube

Finally, we can still mention YouTube. This famous video platform offers users the most diverse types of content, as well as movie titles to be watched for free.

It is also possible to rent some online movies in launch. Values fluctuate according to the film. That is, the more recent the, the more expensive its acquisition. Older productions tend to be cheaper, some are offered to the user free of charge.

However, although it is possible to find online movies on Youtube, this is not your focus. Therefore, if you want to find varieties of films, the best way out is to search between the aforementioned platforms.  

Now that you know the best indications of platforms to watch online movies, visit each one and enjoy the best of the contents offered!