iPhone WhatsApp: learn how to have it on your Android phone
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iPhone WhatsApp: learn how to have it on your Android phone

In this article, we will present the WhatsApp from iPhone  for android phones. Ninety-nine percent of Android users use WhatsApp on their mobile devices and many are looking for additional functions in the messaging application to make it more interesting, in addition to the functions included in the standard application, that is, in addition to the functions that already come in the application.


Using this messaging application is almost indispensable nowadays, in addition to being used for private life, talking to family and friends, messaging groups, video calling someone far away, sending photos and videos.

Often work also requires us to use the app, after all, today communication practically depends on it, consequently we use this app for a large part of our day. 


WhatsApp from iPhone

That's why we made this article thinking about improving your experience and making it more enjoyable and fun for you, learn how to use whatsapp from iphone:   

With this model of WhatsApp from iPhone for Android you can get additional features and functions that will surprise you and improve the usability of your chats.

To use this new WhatsApp from iPhone on your Android phone, you must uninstall the messaging application, Whatsapp, which you are using to install the new whatsapp from iphone. It is worth noting that by uninstalling the current app, you may lose all your chats if there is no backup. Please backup to save all chats if you feel the need to save them on your phone device.

The same iPhone application contains different features and functions and we will show some of them here in the article during the text, so read until the end so you don't miss anything!.

In the theme store, you can download different themes, they can be colorful, dark and many other types, just choose the one you like the most and identify with and then apply it to your whatsapp in a mouse click, or on the screen. This is one of the functions of WhatsApp from iPhone. 

The unique features of the new WhatsApp with iPhone:

1- There are all kinds of themes to download and customize your messaging app interfaces. 

2- It has the possibility to increase the size of the status in 250 characters.

3- There are different packs of emojis to choose which one you like and prefer.

4- Allows you to easily use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device to make your day to day easier and not confuse messages from work and private life.

5- Has the function of hiding notifications if they bother the user.  

6- File Transfer supports all types of media that are up to 50 MB.

7- You can increase the video upload limit by up to 1 GB.

8- Uploaded images are not compressed to avoid loss of quality of photos and videos.

9- Password protected conversations, each conversation is separate. So you have the possibility to choose which conversation is protected and which is not. 

10- The user has the possibility to hide the online status of his contacts.

11- Includes a widget to facilitate certain privacy preferences.

Understand what this new iPhone WhatsApp looks like:

This iPhone-like WhatsApp for Android is an application for Android phones that promises improvements to WhatsApp. Changes based on user requests were not included in the original version of the app. However, care must be taken when installing applications. Learn below how the application works, the features available and the risks it brings.

Fouad WhatsApp features

1- Simple and easy to use.

2- Possibility to customize all app settings.

3- Live preview on color changes.

4- Specifies the color on the main screen.

5- Specifies the color on the button's screen.

6- Hide images, videos or any other file from the cell phone gallery. 

7- Hide media from phone collection.

8- You can set any image as your home screen background. The wallpaper key setting bug has been fixed.

9- Caller name will not be displayed when using “white” theme

Before installing the application on your smartphone, you must back up your existing WhatsApp messages before uninstalling it, if you want to save the conversations and media contained in it, if you do not back up you will lose everything in your messaging application. So after making the backup you can safely delete it, and then you can install the iphone whatsapp, user defines features after installation.

Learn how to install New WhatsApp on iPhone on mobile: 

1- Just confirm your phone number 

2- Then create your account normally 

3- And then you can enjoy the features and functions that you only find in iphone whatsapp.

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