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Credit Card: more purchasing power this year-end

A credit card that only brings benefits? Many users may doubt this possibility, but the Atacadão card is the ideal candidate if you want to increase your purchasing power this year-end, and guarantee better payment possibilities and a quick limit increase for the year 2024.

On top of that, you also get discounts on the total value of your invoice when consuming at Atacadão stores, from food, things for your home, and even for your car. The Atacadão card also has agreements with pharmacies, and grants discounts on the purchase of medicines.

Why buy with the Atacadão card?


Below we have separated some reasons why you should apply for your card today, and start your end of year shopping, with the possibility of paying in several installments, without having to worry right away. check out below:


Order your Atacadão card now.

1. Buy inside and outside Brazil

Double your purchasing power without paying anything extra for it. For purchases inside and outside Brazil in up to 4 installments, you do not pay any interest. So if you're going to travel, get ahead and order yours, double your purchasing power.

2. More gas with more time to pay

With your comfort in mind, the Atacadão card gives you the possibility of refueling your car more comfortably. Don't worry about next month's bill, if you fill up today you will have more time to pay, and thus keep your car always running.

3. Lots of discounts on your purchases

Buying within the Atacadão Network, you will have twice the discount on the final price, and you will see a very significant difference when paying the invoice, do you know why? Discounts will be applied at the end of your monthly invoice.

Your next credit card with a very high limit.

4. Easy credit

Many cards have a certain resistance to releasing credit to their users, which is not the case with the Atacadão card. The network's objective is to increasingly increase your purchase limit and discounts, so that you continue to enjoy the benefits that the card brings you.

This is the ideal time to request your Atacadão card

An extra credit is always welcome, especially during the end-of-year rush. With this in mind, the Atacadão Card came to help you and make it possible for you to buy more and pay less per month, and still have the possibility of getting a discount on supplies and medicines.

So if you are looking to spend the end of the year peacefully, and also have a card that, in addition to providing you with credit, also provides you with benefits, it is worth asking for an Atacadão card and making the most of the benefits it will give you.