FGTS 2022 Emergency Withdrawal: find out if you are entitled to the benefit
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FGTS 2022 Emergency Withdrawal: find out if you are entitled to the benefit

Anyone who needs resources to settle debts or start new projects can count on the new. The release was authorized by the federal government this Friday (18), through a provisional measure published in the Official Journal of the Union.


The Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) is a labor benefit granted to professionals who work in the market with a formal contract. Money is released in specific situations, such as unfair dismissals, retirements and asset acquisitions. With the temporary measure of the federal government, about 40 million people with active and inactive account balances will be able to exchange money.

What is the new FGTS 2022 Emergency Withdrawal?

The new emergency withdrawal of FGTS 2022 is a federal government measure to encourage the circulation of money in Brazil. It is created with the expectation of the thirteenth retiree and creates microcredit for microenterprises and informal workers.


According to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, the new set of FGTS 2022 emergency withdrawals will be available from April 20. It is expected that the issuance of this money will inject 30 billion reais into the Brazilian economy.

FGTS Emergency Funds will be withdrawn first from inactive accounts with smaller balances. If they do not exist, the resources will come from other accounts linked to the employee, prioritizing those with the lowest balance.

FGTS 2022 emergency withdrawal: find out if you are entitled to the benefit

Who is entitled to withdraw money?

Anyone with an active (current job) or inactive (previous job) account can request a withdrawal of R$ 1,000.00 from emergency withdrawal of FGTS 2022.

What is the maximum FGTS emergency withdrawal amount?

Each worker can request R$ 1,000 in emergency withdrawal. This limit is per person, not per account. Anyone with an amount less than this amount can exchange the existing amount.

How to check the available balance in the FGTS?  

The balance of emergency withdrawal of FGTS 2022 can be consulted by cell phone. You must download the FGTS application (available on the App Store or Google Play) and log in with your CPF and password. The value of each fund account will be displayed on the main screen.

There are other ways to find your FGTS balance, such as accessing the Caixa website, registering an SMS and calling 0800 726 01 01. However, the easiest option is always to check it through the app, but another very simple option is also to register mobile number to receive SMS.

Does everyone have to withdraw?

Extraordinary FGTS withdrawals are optional for the employee, that is, it is not necessary to use existing funds. If there is no withdrawal interest, the funds are automatically returned to the fund account, with the necessary corrections.

Employees can announce that they are not interested in withdrawing money through the Caixa Tem application. The cancellation request will be received until November 10th. And if the cancellation request is not met within the deadline, the money will be deposited in the FGTS account at the end of the period (December 15).

How to withdraw money?

It is not necessary to register, as the FGTS resources will be transferred automatically to a digital social savings account, accessible through the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS). Employees can transfer money to any checking or savings account without fees. Alternatively, through the Caixa application itself, you can use your virtual debit card or pay your bills and checks.

What is the FGTS Emergency Release Date?

The amount will be released for digital withdrawal as scheduled in the official calendar, starting April 20. Workers will have until December 15, 2022 to exchange the money.

Download the Caixa Tem app and see if you are entitled to the benefit

The Caixa Tem app was initially launched in 2020 with the proposal to make the amount of emergency aid available to people contemplated with the benefit offered by the government as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the temporary closure of various businesses and companies, countless workers lost their main sources of income, especially those who depended on informal trade, such as fairs and street sales to support their families.

After the period for granting the benefit, Caixa Tem was not forgotten. It turned into a free digital account, where users can send money, pay bills, receive, receive payments, save, make transfers through Pix and pay at the card machine. 

Also, another positive point is that with the virtual debit card, you can make purchases in the delivery or video/music applications and also buy online. 

The application will now also be used to consult the FGTS emergency withdrawal. That is, in addition to using the digital account, you can also follow the progress of the benefit.

Caixa Tem is available in your mobile app store (Google and Apple Store). On the app's page, you will find the main information about it and it is also possible to visit the Box on the internet and get in touch with the call center to answer questions or make requests.

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